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City by city personnel vigorously implement the strategy of re-use them togethe
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Yesterday reporter learned from relevant departments, over the years, the city strengthened the scientific development of human resources is the primary resource of the philosophy, the use of innovative thinking improve the system, sound system with a solid move, effectively promoted the development and utilization of human resources . Over the years, the city in great efforts to train all kinds of talent, adhere to the direct quote was combined with the flexible talent from overseas, and actively introduce much-needed high-level talents in short supply for the rapid development of Shangqiu provide strong intellectual support and personnel security, all kinds of personnel showed a growth trend. According to statistics, as of the end of 2009, the city there are all kinds of talents 50.46 million, representing an increase of 15 million people in 2004. Among them, 2.07 million people in party and government personnel, business management personnel 2.26 million, 11.12 million in professional and technical personnel, skilled personnel 15.06 million, 16.33 million rural practical skills, social work professionals 3.62 million. City by 2004 the implementation of talent strategies, the city always put talent to work as a key element in promoting scientific development, human resources development as the major party and government leaders at all levels of an important responsibility. In personnel issues, the municipal government boldly emancipating the mind, pioneering innovation, human resources development and the introduction of priority, and vigorously promote the introduction of human intelligence works. Party Secretary Wang save many times that the talent has always been the pioneers of advanced productive forces, economic and social development of the force, "top leaders" should pay attention to the "first resource", to do a good job, "the first resource." Mayor Tao Minglun stressed the need to take the initiative in the new round of competition, the most important and most critical is the talent, the most urgent, the most scarce, the most rare of talents. The city has formulated a series of policies to establish a personnel liaison and coordination work, a series of system statistics, human resources, the implementation of the smooth introduction of talents channels, and guide business start and development to support the views of all kinds of talents means to enhance specific types of personnel management and development, the human resources work towards the institutionalization, standardization, systematic, Daily. Attention to personnel training in the city, to tap a variety of training resources, to run various training courses, training, organizational talent into the College to further promote the professional and technical personnel and skills training, has more than 1,500 professional and technical personnel trained through the "Sunshine Project" of the 24,000 rural labor force skills training. Market allocation of human resources play a fundamental role, the city has organized recruitment of personnel exchange center will be more than 470 games, reaching more than 80,000 employment intentions, through Shangqiu talent network, more than 300 units in the recruitment of talent through the Internet. The introduction of talent, the city "not to do everything, but to be used, not for a long stay, but to always come," was cited by the flexible way to introduce a large number of high-level personnel, the use of group recruitment, open the examination, the introduction of flexible and other means, to introduce various types of high-level personnel and the shortage of talent, has from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Normal University, Zhengzhou University, and other well-known research institutes and universities to develop the introduction of 1300 doctorate, master's attachment to the city for work or services. It is understood that, at present, the city has five provincial-level high-tech enterprises, the provincial engineering technology research center 9. "During" the introduction of high-end talent who has won 29 provincial-level scientific and technological progress awards, selected municipal Science and Technology Progress Award 211. Technology, talent and contribution to economic growth, rising for the transformation of economic development, adjust and optimize industrial structure, building Jingjiqiangshi, Culture City provides a strong intellectual support.