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Fujian (Hercynian) animation and game companies the second grand job fairs
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The morning of November 21, 2010, Fujian Province, the second animation and game industry talent exchange will be held in Fuzhou Mindshare education. This is the first for the animation industry in Fujian Province this year, the special exchange of personnel recruitment, has attracted nearly forty animation business (from Fuzhou, Xiamen, well-known companies), nearly a thousand animation industry job seekers to attend. "The Second Fujian animation and game companies and talent exchange" is the number of Mindshare education should animation and game industry business requirements, animation and game companies in order to help the recruitment of talent, as well as the talent gap between business and employing "two-way Select the "bridge to encourage enterprises to attract more outstanding professionals, animation and game industry, specifically the United Association of Fujian Province, the Straits talent network, career worries, more than just network and network Fuzhou Dragon Co Ltd, Alliance Digital, Sirius animation, nearly 60 provinces held within the well-known game companies animation animation professionals in a major exchange. The province will be invited to the well-known animation and game company executives, HR and related media will be attending the recruitment of personnel exchanges, and through various channels to attract the game's animation community to participate in the recruitment of professionals.