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Job Fair 2011 Battery debut next spring
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High-end, professional and authoritative event in the battery industry, and look forward with you the same Jingu! Since 2009 the State Council will be new industries, especially the new energy, electric cars, and new materials for the seven industry as a strategic industry to develop. All levels attach great importance to the development of the battery industry, and look forward to our The battery industry to occupy the commanding heights of global industry. Demand on the battery caused by the rapid expansion of personnel, especially in the high-level R & D talent and technology needs. Even take up large amounts of capital in recent years have reached the battery market, so that Have increased the flow of talent, many battery companies always on the lookout. Based on this current situation, the NDRC, the Ministry of Industry, Tianjin municipal government under the strong support it by Shenzhen Technology Co., Pei - Battery Talent Network (Www.batteryhr.com) marriage "of energy storage, power battery development," efforts to build the battery cell industry's most influential industry event! Attracted many well-known brand battery exhibitors. Participating enterprises to take full advantage of recruiting Will also show their own image, and enhance corporate reputation and influence on the industry! Talent Fair for you to speed up the process of professionalization of the battery industry is our mission; to provide you with quality and professional service is our unremitting pursuit! 26-28 April 2011, meet "special recruitment cell "Meet" energy storage, power development, "we look forward to your participation! Recruitment characteristics High end: the establishment of access conditions, the participants well-known enterprises, the participating high personal qualities. And high-end jobs for the invitation to the pre-orientation, to ensure the quality of recruitment. Professional: professional services for many years the battery industry experience, industry networks, newspapers, exhibitions, forums, job fairs and more channels of human resources. Wide: combining online and offline, the major large-scale publicity and depth of the mainstream media reports, the break geographical and time constraints, continuous follow-up reports. Convenient: Real-time talent from overseas, on-site consultation, a package of services for customers to save time and cost jobs. Authority: National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, Tianjin municipal government support, Central South University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Institute of Functional Materials, instrumentation and battery energy storage Committee of Tianjin Xin Shenshi Exhibition Service Services Co., Ltd., jointly organized the battery Talent Network! 2011, meet the "batteries special recruitment", together the "China energy storage, power development," we look forward to your participation!