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Chongqing to France Forum held overseas brought back young talent from overseas
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Young people in 2010 in Chongqing, China Overseas Forum Forum ended this month in France, the forum attracted participants from France, Britain and other 10 countries, more than 1,500 overseas students and foreign youth registration youth, 14 papers were Comment on excellent paper. The forum theme of "expanding the construction of inland open five Chongqing" theme, focusing on building livable Chongqing, Chongqing, flow, forest Chongqing, Chongqing, peace, health, inland open Chongqing and institutional mechanisms for building and other heavy Great theoretical and practical issues to discuss, a total of 14 excellent papers Ping Chu. With this forum, Municipal Organization Department and the Youth League was held in France also has two personnel on-site Fair, a 267-site consultation, and the work of Lai Yu intention of reaching 95, including 36 PhDs. University of Lille, France, the first doctoral thesis submitted by Wang Xin of this "combination of comprehensive development of low-carbon economy," the five Chongqing "importance" by the comments of excellent papers, he suggested in Chongqing promote low carbon lifestyles and consumption of green Mode, the establishment of low-carbon home certificate, it is recommended to establish a household as a unit of Chongqing residents of low- carbon green certification, certain low-carbon economic incentives given to the family. Report to the State while the pilot implementation of carbon taxes, carbon taxes ahead of trial, carbon quota trading and other market policies to increase local fiscal revenue, to Chongqing, the economic structure of energy consumption and high value-added industries to the transition. Sir title by the British province of British East Mead Barr Miss Wan Development Council members to attend the forum and delivered a speech, and in its release of "how to strengthen small and medium enterprises in Chongqing competitiveness in international procurement," a paper proposal In the context of RMB appreciation, Chongqing SMEs through increased international procurement efforts, imports of raw materials from abroad to reduce production costs and improve competitiveness.