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Guangdong Province in 2010 to declare the work of leading talent started to intr
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(Hu Mou, Zhang Yang) reporter from the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security was informed that the introduction of Guangdong Province in 2010 to declare the work of leading talent has started, the acceptance deadline is October 28.

According to the Guangdong provincial government to speed up the transformation of economic development, building a modern industrial system, improve the capability of independent innovation, develop strategic new industry strategic plan, this year focusing on introducing advanced manufacturing, modern services, shortage of high-tech industries urgent need of talent, especially high-end new electronic information, semiconductor lighting (LED), electric cars, solar photovoltaic, nuclear power equipment, wind power, bio-medicine, environmental protection, new materials, aerospace, marine and emerging strategic industries in 11 leading talent.

It is reported that men reporting requirements are generally not aged more than 60 years of age, women of 55 years of age; working time is more than 3 consecutive years in Guangdong, introduced from overseas, working hours per year in Guangdong, more than 6 months, the introduction of human relations from the domestic Guangdong province to be transferred to the employing unit, full-time job.

According to reports, performance conditions, one of the following conditions can be reported: (a) major projects at home and abroad as a chief scientist, chief engineering of major projects of technical experts and management experts; (b) in the country (territory) outside the well-known universities, research institutes as the equivalent of professors, experts and scholars; (c) as national key disciplines, key laboratories and engineering research (technology) centers, engineering labs, chief scientist; (d) the top two national Science and Technology Award finishes; (e) Changjiang Scholar Chair Professor, National Outstanding Youth Foundation Winner, Chinese Academy of Sciences "Hundred Talents" were selected; (f) well-known enterprises at home and abroad in senior positions in professional and technical personnel and management personnel; (g ) their own businesses at home and abroad to achieve greater efficiency of high-level talent.

In 2009, Guangdong Province, the introduction of the first start judging talent leading the province a total of 15 people selected. Shenzhen University, Chen Guoliang, Zhao Kai Biotechnology R & D Center (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Osa Wang Zhaokai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Xu Xiping and other 3 were selected. Selected leading talent, by the Guangdong government will offer 500 million and 100 million of special funding for the work of housing subsidies.