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96 short-listed Shenzhen migrant workers interviewed Examining and Employing Off
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Concern the examination of foreign workers in our city civil service written exam has been "released", 96 candidates to the interview. Municipal Organization Department issued a notice yesterday, candidates can log on the website of the Examination Yuan, Shenzhen, results, interview conducted on October 16.

Compete in Shenzhen 4683 10 posts

In order to optimize the sources of grass-roots cadres, promoting outstanding talent, from the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province of outstanding migrant workers in the public record of 50 grass-roots civil service exam, the Shenzhen A total of 10 posts are to be recruited for each recruit 1 job , to provide jobs to recruit up to the city. Shenzhen, a total of 4683 people will take the number of candidates for each position of more than 400 people, and fierce competition. Apply for the top 5 most popular posts are: the Civil Servants Union, Futian District, Bao'an District, Xinan Street civil servants, civil servants, Nanshan District Youth League organizations, civil servants, Futian District, Paul Street, Luohu District, East Lake Street civil servants. October 1 was written.

Oct. 16 Interview

Candidates, the results can login Personnel Testing Authority of Guangdong Province check the website of the civil service examination, interview the proportion of objects required to determine from high to low, the city target list of various types of interviews have been published online. Interview time is October 16, 8:30 am start, 14:30 start. The morning of the interview subjects were candidates of excellent street level Cadres secretary of grassroots party organizations, grass-roots civil servants apply for University Student Village; afternoon interviewing candidates Area Gongqing Fu organs targeted migrant workers, civil servants, civil servants apply for street organs migrant workers . Location of Shenzhen Municipal Party interview.

Interview will be "structured interview" manner, the examiner through the interview questions, interview the way to answer the object, the object of the basic quality of the interview and evaluation of the ability to work. 20 minutes per interview. Municipal Organization Department of the announcement to remind the interview should be targeted at 730 the morning of October 16, 1330 the afternoon before the exam room to report to the examination room waiting for interview by drawing lots to determine the order. Where in the opening 45 minutes did not enter the exam room waiting examination candidates, as a waiver of eligibility interview. Candidates must bring along written admission ticket, identity card. With missing documents or documents shall be deemed qualified to give an interview.

After the interview, according to the order of highest to lowest Test total score total score from the examination of qualified candidates identified in the list of persons to participate in physical examination, and in at 10:00 on October 17th Examination in the city website, candidates can closely monitor the medical related matters.

To be eligible for review before the interview

From the examination of foreign workers in the area Gongqing Fu and street interviews by civil servants object to be eligible for review before the interview. Review qualifications of Shenzhen Municipal Party Place 2 211. October 13 to review the qualifications of 930 started, the review will be filled by the interviewer in at 12:00 on October 14 before the completion.

Eligibility review, the foreign workers must provide the following documents: 1, I ticket; 2, registration form (with photo); 3, ID; 4 Certificate (proof of continuing education must provide verification); 5, to prove total enterprises in the city for 3 years where the labor contract or a certificate issued by enterprises; 6, proof of residence (such as household registration office where the city has been the need to provide business and employment or proof of home through incentives, such as the adjustment stem ( recruitment) notice);

Interview short-listed candidates, not to the place specified time review the qualifications will be considered qualified to give an interview; evidence missing and can not be filled within the specified time, and as a waiver of eligibility interview. Eligible for review before being eligible for interview; appears qualified to review unqualified candidates can apply for posts in the same result by written order from high to low were elected interview object.

Municipal Organization Department reminds, determined to interview the object, the object scores followed by short-listed candidates interviewed, should be kept communication open in order to fill vacancies in a timely manner contact occurs, and within the prescribed time to review the qualifications, eligibility expired without review, as filled by qualified waiver of the interview.