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Get rid of the personnel system, Shenzhen University, promoted or demoted as dif
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Reporter learned yesterday from Shenzhen University, Shenzhen University, teachers, technicians set up the formal appointment, which marks the last 4 years the school reform of personnel system brewing finally entered the implementation stage. Under the program, the future, all staff no longer has the deep sense of national cadres, the traditional identity of each position are promoted or demoted.

Chapter President of Shenzhen University, told reporters will work, will be formally implemented comprehensive reform program, Shenzhen University from 6 sub-program elements, including the personnel system reform program, high-end talent Chair program, deepening the reform program of teaching, research and deepen the reform program, logistics, promote the reform program, management system exploration program. The overall advancement of the current program is being implemented step by step, in which the personnel system reform has been the school staff into the implementation phase of the General Assembly vote, the rest of the program to be formed this year, next year.

According to reports, comprehensive reform program of the personnel system, the internal management of the modern university system's core system. Dah Sing's personnel system of deep program, make full appointment system, in accordance with the conversion status, on-demand Shegang, according to post employment, contract management principles implemented in school. All faculty and staff no longer has the traditional identity of the national cadres, and workers known as public institutions or institutions appointments. Only the difference between school management positions, no longer have the so-called cadres, workers, formal, temporary identity of difference.

Through the personnel system reform, accelerate the construction of a highly deep-general of the teachers and scholars, a highly specialized team of teaching and research aid, a highly professional management team, as well as the school's comprehensive reform of the ice open.