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09 obtain employment " an unexpected winner " professional gradually popular
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"An unexpected winner " professional gradually popular the undergraduate students is average compensation 2000~3000 yuan

A few days ago, information of student of colleges and universities of whole nation of Ministry of Education seeks advice to coach with obtain employment the center announced major of above of dimensions of countrywide average college the obtain employment state 2007, involve undergraduate course major among them 226. The basis is right each undergraduate course is professional 2007 the first time the statistic that obtain employment leads, before obtain employment rate is located in 10 major is: Cooking and education of finance, horticultural education, mechanical workmanship education, Electromechanical skill education, electric skill education, engineering of vehicle maintenance and repair, nutrition education, market sale education, German, French.

Data of the check in year showed student obtain employment 2008: From the point of general trend, those who deserve attention is, be considered as the major of an unexpected winner before, already became obtain employment to lead taller major however now, such as is geological the promotion that professional, geochemistry major, atmosphere science major, tea learns major to have different rate. And watch instead be thought in recent years more popular major, if law major, computer is scientific as professional as technical major, English however not the expectation with people is proportional.

Obtain employment has firewood side, record of formal schooling remains a groovy payoff. Average pay is Master graduate 3307 yuan, 3000~5000 yuan compensation paragraph rate is top, for 55% . Average pay is undergraduate course graduate 1798 yuan, 2000~3000 yuan compensation paragraph rate is top, for 57% . Average pay is in three-year institution of higher learning 1287 yuan, at 1200~2000 yuan compensation paragraph rate is top, for 62% .

Most person works first times is gangplank Jing Husui still is first selection ground greatly

Investigation shows, the duty field newlywed person that has 12% has the plan that find new job inside half an year. Occupy in what the first job changes inside a year 36% , the consideration is occupied in what find new job inside two years 28% , only the new personality of 24% thinks to work 3 years longer perhaps it is advisable to relieve guard again.

Pieces the this year's graduates is small tell a reporter: "I think, the first job makes him impossibly completely satisfactory, for me what do not have how many experience to just graduating especially, the expectation to the job cannot too tall. Can contented 9 expect are enough. " Xiaozhang thinks, current job is a track that gains experience, lv of the unified exam after a year is used " ride an ass to look for a horse " tactics changes the job.

In addition, although the country is born to be in all the time with respect to the policy of course of study to graduation,tilt to the west to basic level, but the temptation that still makes land of first selection of graduate obtain employment shake Beijing, Shanghai, spic, greatly hard. Investigation shows, in be asked about " what is the obtain employment area that you think to compare ideal " when, the undergraduate of 85.46% chooses area of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen; And 5.70% what the undergraduate of the remote town that is willing to be badly in need of a talent to the country or obtain employment of a rural area holds investigation number only.
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