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Be born anew greatly: Do not listen to talk rubbish of new student guideline
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I also had been read big one, I understand the fear that gives birth to pair of new lives anew greatly and uneasiness very much. They need guidance, hope somebody tells them how to should be done.

I once also was such. Wait to enter that summer vacation of the university, I read guidelines of all can see new student enter a school on the net almost, hope can from which the vague impression that explore gets a few universities. The reach every aspect of a matter that those guidelines keep, besides education I should learn well, do well with the classmate relation, enter mass organizations activity more teach like these elder, the information that also showed despair of a few your people fully (be over to just reading for the child of high school) : The human relations in society of the university is each trying to cheat the other, the dormitory relation of the university is intrigue against each other, the relation of male and female of the university is confused, the university is to learn those who be less than a thing... more guidelines of some enter a school should match a few locks repeatedly, buy a few basins such bagatelle gave out to suggest. It is All matters really.

My university is read now, preparation of returning all corners of the country poisons the article that sees I once had been taught year ago more again again new when the flower of a batch of motherlands, feel some are comical suddenly. I think one face distains the little boys that the ground tells those muddled: "Cross oneself well, do not listen to them to talk nonsense. " I am not to say their word to did not draw lessons from a meaning completely, it is every school only, every are professional, everybody differs originally, whose word is not imperial edict.

Do not listen to them to say the university is not the ground of study, the undergraduate is in loaf. I include a lot of people beside me to pass extremely contentedly in these 4 years. Those stigmatize are to had not read an university certainly or the person that the university confuses too poorly is comforted in ego, they want to pull a person to enter the water.

Fasten them to say an university to Tan Lian loves or must fasten those who talk about love certainly. There is love to pass certainly in the university, also have those who do not have love to pass. Love because flow to get excessive attention to plaything saps the will at be being done before the flowers and below the moon repeatedly,the person is done not have, do not have love also did not get deplorable a solitary form self-affected.

Fastening them to say is how difficult between the roommate get along. Our dormitory has quarrelled 4 years, everybody is not close but harmonious, live in peace with each other passed 4 years.

Do not listen to them to say an university how small society. My university does not have calculate outstanding, also was not crossed by person calculate. As to add authority to make the same score the matters concerned with farfetched and so on of cadre of equational, fellowship, student, if actual strength is in that by firm firm ground black a possibility is not big.
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