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3 kinds of people that the enterprise likes most
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The enterprise needs 3 kinds of people only, it is good person, reasonable person and able person respectively. "Talent " this one view, sometimes sheet is defined with a frame, can bring a lot of limitation. 10 old before, I go " Ya Yun Cun " , there just is a traffic light only in those days, go today, already heavy traffic, flourishing, get ready receive " the Olympic Games " . Mix to the talent's definition actually these places are same, it is to be in produce change ceaselessly. My feeling of 20 years is, it is very difficult to want to leave a definition to the talent. In Suo Ni the company becomes manpower resource inspector general previously when, old experience lets me know Suo Ni needs what kind of person. Arrive royal hind, need to be opposite " talent " limit afresh. What kind of person to need grandly? Chen Tianqiao ever said: Need 3 kinds of people only grandly, it is good person, reasonable person and able person respectively. Good person, it is the viewpoint of value that can agree with a company, it is the person of a can fundamental faith; Understand a person, be can communicate well, the angle that can stand in the company ponders over a problem; Able person is to be put in a right person that can produce an effect locally. I think this is 3 kinds of states of a person. If the employee inside the enterprise achieved such requirement entirely, can use what trust adequately so completely to put authority government, cost can fall lowest. But, it is very difficult to should accomplish this. My working principle is: Want to turn good person into reasonable person, become able person, is not to become woodenhead. A bit more additional, chen Tianqiao be clear about what to love and what to hate, right " hellion ruins sth " special abhor. So royal ability can put good person in above all the first. He emphasizes inside working all the time, outer be an upright person. So according to these standards, enrol good person only grandly, accordingly royal together " half step tantivy " . Premise is of course, you want judgement to must come out he becomes a reasonable person whether likely. In the process that enrol a person, I have " 333 principles " , use 3 seconds of observation namely, ask 3 questions, do not want certainly inside half an hour. I can ask 3 people, the decision after 3 months does not stay, the decision after 3 years is to go up to still fall. In these people of royal action, have with the person that needs in Suo Ni very big different. Suoniru today already 60 years old, resemble an aircraft carrier, already very reliable, so he enrols professional only, hope can heavy model is brilliant. But still be grandly 9 years old of children, each success is very brilliant, again too much dream can come true, what enrol accordingly is a youth, requirement plasticity is very strong. I often also say, company culture resembles family education. People is not to often say, does a person look to resemble having " family education " ? The meaning does everything to have a standard namely. And be in royal, any royal people are the figure that the delegate shows someone else grandly outside, that is culture. Also do not encourage reserve talented person grandly. The talent cannot be laid in. Of network society today, reserve means waste, the person is met degenerative. But of flexible for emergency use " it is at ordinary times civilian, war for arms " preliminary service system is in a company unmanned not dawn, plus had been follower is like the cloud grandly, already was for invite applications for a job no longer and go enrolling a person painstakingly. Be in an any companies, personnel flow is same, it represents the corporation's regular metabolism. Probably you are in the company is only at present able this job, but went to " small company " can become general manager, why that doesn't become that general manager? I also am met sometimes such channel a few colleagues that fail to win litre of job. Additional, a person is in growing process, want a bosom friend to tell the other forever, devoted to oneself, such ability are met body and mind is healthy, meet otherwise by twist. Do what business, should have to oneself conscience above all explain. This also is the reason that we emphasize wanting to do good person above all.
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