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Oneself correct fixed position is before interview
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Wipe away tears eventually leave campus lives, run quickly happily to new job. Summary rises, still some of experience is worth what just applied for a job to learn younger brother to learn younger sister people study.

■ you are applying for a job is not hair handbill

Very much now learn younger brother to learn younger sister to be in when applying for a job, always complain only resume spends much money with respect to need, and still be disappear forever mostly.

Want to know the job is not love, had feeling to love, did not have a feeling to go away. The job more the marriage that resembling is responsibility of a bear, if cast leer to his not familiar post blindly, that is extremely irresponsible to oneself practice.

If you just want to seek a job, can resemble oneself resume sending the unit that every associate with issues invite applications for a job like sheet probably; If be the work that wants to had been found, so the proposal had better be to send resume selectively. Such be economical also save energy. And appear easily also before official of be in charge of an examination with good spiritual outlook.

■ you are going going to work is not to meet

Go when interview, your appearance is very important. Grow what can decide how to be you, but how to dress up oneself, active advantageous position is in completely oneself. Go to big company going to work, making up a dot weak is necessary.

When remembering enrol a person with the manager together, discover the girl dresses up very beautifully, just the sort of beautiful crossed a head, better small hole was dug on the tongue, dress Xi breaths out dress. Also somebody is making up thick, conversation is mincing, the question that can answer well originally, must fit fair maiden pattern, come to you sentence " hum " " ah " " this " . These are abstaining from quite when interview.

The dress of office worker, be not paid close attention to to be the largest window. Decent be at least of employee of a company should be accomplished.

■ turn of not amphibolous society

Some just came out to apply for a job learn younger brother to learn younger sister to always can listen to a person to say, the manager of manpower branch is duller, always ask some of question that is gibberish at all. This is a very incorrect understanding. Hardly a standard unit can have leisure and you to help the daily life of a family. The question that they ask, nature is purposeful.

When the other side asks you the question, had better reply according to the facts. The girl that remembers so that attend interview together with me at the outset is particularly beautiful, very self-confident also. Go in together with her when facing official of be in charge of an examination, still clicked in my heart.

She chose English in column of the first foreign language, the 2nd column chose Japanese. Ask her English how, her come to an agreement or understanding, ask her Japanese how, she says again pretty good, officials of be in charge of an examination nod approvingly mostly, a senior leader calls her English of informal say a few words and Japanese, that girl is red as a result face says to just had learned to did not learn from good examples.
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