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Money of duty field person is easy, the friend is begged hard
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Duty field is like battlefield, is true friend had after all on duty field?

   Duty field has without friend inadequacy 4 adults support positive attitude

Do you think duty field has true friend? Investigation shows, although hold the person be in the minority of negative attitude, but also occupied 19% ; Think to be sure some scale are top, have 39% ; May have, I was not touched go up have 27% ; The person that still has 16% says to not be clear about.

Professional adviser: As a result of the relation on the job, toward 9 evening the common language between the people of 6 is compared much, go through thick and thin together between, become the duty field friend that pacifies working trouble and setback each other easily. Another reason is, people (especially the male) do not be willing to bring back the problem in the office or company in the home, increase psychological burden for family, they are willing to communicate between the friend more. The most crucial is, the project is run and group collaboration becomes increasingly general in the company it is important to mix, after working relationship rises to the friend to concern, communication collaboration will be more efficient, all these quickened office friendship warm up.

Good colleague relationship is not equal to a friend to concern, this also is the account that the person of 1/5 manages negative attitude, make the friend of the heart truly, although often do not meet or very long without contact, also won't forget the existence of the other side. And duty field go up or shoppy friend, have the concern on a lot of business or economic interest, once mix company position come away, become free person, did not have business connection, the person goes tea cool, this is not the friend on real significance. Additional on one hand, duty field friend is a Shuang Renjian, with the colleague too close friend relationship is caused easily state-private not cent, branch is not divided, do not divide up and down, emergency is not divided, go down for a long time to do not have advantage to both sides, the participation that this also is the job 5 years inquirer choice should arrange its natural matter.

   Duty field hands in friendly principle to cross choose of half person selected fewer but better

In " do you have duty field friend? " ask in, choose to have of course, very much is 8% ; Have duty field friend, but not much scale holds great majority, have 53% ; Those who do not have duty field friend have 28% ; Say not clear parting with what had not thought is 8% with 3% . Investigation shows, friend of field of people pursuit duty pays attention to quality and not be an amount, fewer but better it is the principle making friend on duty field.

To the base of friendship is being built on the profession, the choice scale that investigates participator is respectively, common cause 9% ; The pursuit to the career 10% ; Because of talent and ability each other appreciation 14% ; The glamour of character 16% ; Just, the character and morals such as honesty 19% ; Mutual the help between 17% ; Of client natural resources share 4% ; Each other do not have competition to concern 11% . Visible, on on-the-job field, those integrity, honest person friend is most.
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