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Network deliver resume " small doohickey "
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One, the letter box that the deliver of the formal resume of mail uses him as far as possible sticks resume with the means of text affix, is not text a word is done not have and put resume in accessory or be to use pass on of a few websites to wait a function a moment (the theme that because use the resume that these functional pass on come over,a lot of moment show even content is random code) , the resume that should not write me more of course gives a link to welcome to look carefully at next in my rich guest, a word: Do not have time. Emphasize again: Do not put resume in accessory! Increased a Hr to read the time of your resume above all so, because of the likelihood your resume is not seen by a person, also do not look only, each should open accessory very troublesome, if save,come down no-go also find. This still does not include some servers to will take the case of the mail screen of accessory directly. Next, destroyed your the first impression so. Especially the person that text did not have a word to stick a resume in accessory directly, such appearing your sincerity is insufficient really. Emphasized asking in help wanted as to those not the position with accessory form deliver, if you still use accessory, that showed an issue only: If you are connected,explain without young scrutiny, or it is the word that saw also was not done accordingly, in how can you proving you are working then is in how can you proving you are working then, can serious careful obedience arranged? So we are holding the mood that conversion ponders over in the arms to also consider for Hr for oneself, actually very simple, want you only a resume is stickup in text with respect to Ok! 2, the caption of mail the caption problem about mail, if the other side is in invite applications for a job when had stated give priority to a problem with which kinds of format, do accordingly as far as possible, because this is it preliminary filtration level. The resume that does not think a Hr is received one day has a few only or a few, it is to have hundreds of letter that apply for different position thousands of minutes even in fact. If your caption was written only " apply for " or be " to apply for a job " or be " resume " etc, of the resume that such yourself also can imagine you by attention degree. Probable by oversight! Should write at least so on the position that you apply for just facilitates so Hr of classify go choosing. And had better write in caption on oneself name, such facilitating Hr again examine and verify your resume. In order to avoid its in one swarm with " apply for... " the resume that will look for you is opened one by one in titled resume, this is patient to Hr personnel test simply! And caption still has a bit: Use Chinese word to write, unless apply for when the requirement uses English! Everyday Hr can receive many resume not only, still can get many rubbish mail, these mail are English caption more very, if you use English,make headline so, deleted probably with respect to mail of rubbish be regardinged as, much regrettablly. It is good to if consider him proof,be developed in resume if English level is good, need not go up in the title make an issue of. Still have do not use a few strange symbols, for instance " ~~~ " " & " " # " " **** " etc, the reason also is same, it is rubbish mail is offended disaster. So the caption of a standard is: The position that you should apply for - your full name - the workplace that this position asks. Can make sure your mail can be read at least so. Does the theme that had I seen have " my resume " (who knows who you are what should you do? ) " do you know who I am? " (I am sorry I do not know to also do not want to know) " I want to apply for! ! ! ! ! " (what position should you apply for after all? Your mood is dear I can understand, but also need not so much exclamatory mark! ) " some such-and-such resume " (what should you do excuse me) " those who thank you read! " (the title of this and rubbish mail exactly like so I am not read) " such-and-such university applies for an exercitation " (too big we do not rise please! ) " is such-and-such university Master applied for " (position? If you must emphasize such your school is OK writing: Apply for position - full name - come from ** university Master) , above is a few real case, the person that such writing is absent a few, do not have working experience again have this kind of case. A word with very simple anyhow: Everybody wants his to apply for position and full name to write it is good to go up. 3, the name that the position of application applies for position is in what give out in invite applications for a job to write by the company was no problem with respect to affirmation, do not want oneself to be developed at will. The proportion that this problem appears in the student is smaller still, but even if apply for a trainee, a big company also is divided had better so he writes you a few kinds how was opposite. But it is clear to when applying for other position later, must be written, for instance our invite applications for a job " assistant of channel department general manager " , you should be written unluckily " general manager assistant " or be " channel assistant " ; Invite applications for a job " vice-president secretary " you should be written unluckily " president secretary " " article secret " ; Invite applications for a job " groom commissioner " you should be written unluckily " assistant director of manpower resource department " ; Invite applications for a job " engineer of the technology after carry out " you should be written unluckily " the support after carry out " " customer service personnel " " technical engineer " ... such example gets the better of enumerate scarcely. So your resume does the position that the word that yourself of a lot of moment invents does not have correspondence again well to must be laid aside without giving thought to aside. Additional very important is: Yourself should be clear that you want to become what position at least, it is the position of which kinds of type at least. Did a lot of people drop a lot of far from relevant position " does advanced core software develop personnel " and " operator " and " vice-president secretary " do you consider as one can the individual do? I had seen have a person one day in dropped all position of our company invite applications for a job! Perhaps you are a versatile person, but be very sorry, in fact such very much casting overflow a versatile person that sends resume aimlessly to look seem the chance that increased oneself, actually such person won't be considered normally, how can the position that don't oneself understand to oneself want to make the sort of kind help you decide by the company? ! Still have the position that applies for in him statement in caption or resume, target of what to apply for a job is done not have or wrote only " the market is relevant position " " software develops relevant position " etc, such opportunity is likewise very few, because the company does not have this obligation,also do not have this time and energy buy about a hundred resume fits which position at disregard and considering you. In 啰 wordy the opportunity that said so much no more than is to want to let him all of us increase his, how can we blame a lot of moment to cast one pile resume to connect an interview announcement to also was not received? The likelihood is not you capacity is insufficient, however your resume is done not have at all by read effectively, and this cause is probable yourself is caused! Perhaps yourself whether applying for a success to have a lot of factors is ourselves cannot control but we should control ourselves at least can pilot element, increase the chance of ourselves. We each person is gold, do not want the passive mining that waiting for others, oneself are about hard to show the region!
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