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Find new job gold season you are enchanted
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The field that press duty " Jin Jiuyin 10 " view, be worth at present the first finds new job this year small height. The talent demand index that after facing an Olympic Games, each industry rises ceaselessly and think over to what the profession plans, many duty field personages are about to try in this Shi Yueyue, readjust or plan oneself duty field direction.

At present, in a few find new job the industry with relatively concentrated phenomenon, wait like finance, landed, medical treatment, medium, the team finds new job in these industries young turn a tide more apparent also. Compare nevertheless before duty field personage pays close attention to " Qian Tu " find new job motive, show the consideration that level locates to professional development, profession to already became public figure of increasing duty field find new job theme.
   Enter gold period, duty field person is produced " jump meaning "

Summer vacation time just passed, in some real estate the company held the position of the Li Jun of sale manager to hand over abdication to believe to the company, he planned for oneself another outlet, enter company of famous estate network to hold the position of market department inspector general namely. "Real estate goes this year situation still not Anacreontic, house price whole dives, development business pressure is quite great, these pressure nature can decompose our head to go up. " the feeling after refer finds new job, li Jun expresses, be not find new job to escape pressure, however the professional road for new him program. "Although pay has certain promotion, but the development chance that what I value more is in the future and promotion space. But the development chance that what I value more is in the future and promotion space..

Actually, li Jun this find new job distance last " fluctuant " only time of half an year. "Before half an year, landed industry whole goes situation still calculate pretty good, to catch up with the fastigium that spring finds new job, I seized an opportunity, can go to a company to just discover, it is personnel mechanism or administrative system no matter put in a few problems. " should ask about the condition that finds new job at that time, li Jun expresses so, "I develop a space without what get expectant. " at present, he what learn advertisement one's previous experience sees the development potential of network media, faced towards professional target then medium industry.

   Find new job cycle is in as far as possible two years of above 

In recent years, as the flying development of Jiangchen economy, the talent flows accelerate, the cycle that duty field person finds new job also shortens with each passing day, the enterprise can accept find new job cycle also decreases somewhat. Li Jun half an year will twice find new job, in look at present, should be to come true smoothly " change personally " , but from long-term look, this goes against life profession to plan.  
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