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More than 1000 youths are passed " young learn on job plans " implementation obt
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The reporter ensured sectional know from town work a few days ago, of the our city " young learn on job plans " the roll booster that becomes this year's graduates and take up an occupation of implementation of unemployed young person, will 4 years already many 1700 youth joined this plan, 7 because this is successful,become a young person obtain employment.

Shi Anhua is " young learn on job plans " first participator and indebted person, she says with all sorts of feelings: "Young learn on job planned to change my life contrail. " 2004, after Shi Anhua graduates from a college of Heibei, sent a lot of portion resume, entered activity of a few invite applications for a job, fail to find a proper job all the time however. In lose when, she is informed bureau of safeguard of Shenzhen town work accidentally " young learn on job plans " , write name of statistical tables and reports rapidly, one week later, she attended Shenzhen the interview of learn on job of contemporary computer limited company, gained the opportunity of learn on job of 6 months of this company; After half an year, learn on job ends, just in time of department of resource of this company labor power has vacant station, because Shi Anhua is behaved between novitiate exceedingly good, be by employ formal employee, be in charge of technically " learn on job " the employ of post and management.

"The company that I am in admitted learn on job of about 80 youths in all, among them more than 30 successful after novitiate is full ground stay, be hired to be formal employee by the enterprise. " Shi Anhua tells a reporter, "A lot of companies are willing to pay too much cost to train new employee not quite now, Invite applications for a job of Shenzhen stock exchangeIf adopt plan of young learn on job, the enterprise can have a better channel to pick a talented person, and get a government aid financially. And get a government aid financially..

As we have learned, the 18 this year's graduates that comes 25 years old and unemployed young person can attend Shenzhen census register " young profession learn on job plans " , the government will offer youth of learn on job every months 650 yuan of subsidy, give an enterprise certain award. Plan of young learn on job is the stimulative obtain employment that labor safeguard branch begins again a routine of obtain employment, connection should plan to concern matters concerned, can dial labor to ensure a branch eighty-two million one hundred and thirty-two thousand eight hundred and twenty-seven or eighty-two million one hundred and thirty-one thousand five hundred and thirty-two, what also can be in with census register is street handle connection. Average order is to sign up first, after signing up, by labor safeguard branch arranges enterprise and youth to meet, if both sides feels appropriate, can sign agreement of learn on job, the youth can begin learn on job to the enterprise.
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