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Smooth lake of _ of Shenzhen talent net is street strengthen labor to ensure pla
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Smooth lake is street strengthen labor to ensure platform construction, progressively implementation unemployment is registered, personnel of obtain employment difficulty is maintained, obtain employment helps and dog the apanage of servive routine of communal obtain employment such as the service is changed. Since this year, this are street help unemployment of 391 census register personnel obtain employment and again obtain employment, the unemployment rate of staff of census register unemployment that register maintains for years in 3 % less than.

It is reported, this are street obtain employment of personnel of unemployment of census register of stimulative this locality of wide monarch channel again obtain employment. It is to make obtain employment base actively above all, poineering market of the enterprise with a batch of high prestige, hi-tech, cost-effective alternative and women regards obtain employment as base, wait for unit close tie with bank, safe, telecommunications, speak or sing alternately of agelong link up with gives aid to obtain employment of this locality dweller. Develop obtain employment station energetically at the same time, sign obtain employment again book of responsibility of obtain employment target, its in finished state serves as examine one of content end of the year, post of sex of ceaseless and perfect commonweal develops a system, arouse the enthusiasm of post of sex of commonweal of completely street development, obtain employment of dweller of this locality of first take sb on the staff. Meet through holding invite applications for a job of spot of large commonweal sex, for enterprise and census register unemployment personnel provides communication platform and connection medium of communication, begin actively send policy, send a service to wait for those who be main content again obtain employment helps an activity, the help solves obtain employment of personnel of census register unemployment. Groom through beginning free obtain employment to special and impoverished group, psychology seeks advice, the service such as domestic education, quality education, begin obtain employment freely to register for its, unemployment is registered, professional introduction, vocational guidance, vocational training all-around service length effect. This are street still come on stage urge obtain employment policy, course of study of put up with again obtain employment capital includes finance the budget, did not achieve in obtain employment of factory, industry to this locality dweller 800, 1000 yuan, grant suitable financing allowance by community joint-stock company, give aid to for the dweller bankroll that does poineering work independently, technology.
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