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Resource of manpower of Shenzhen city roc service runs limited company on July 2
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Resource of manpower of Shenzhen city roc service manages limited company to held water in May 1998, by Shenzhen city works and service center of obtain employment of labor of social security bureau and bureau of labor of area of Shenzhen city Baoan work obtain employment management center is joint-stock establish. In September 2006, city works and resource of roc fatigue manpower runs the Shenzhen city of hold of institution of directly under of social security bureau the 60% state-owned equity of limited company delimit according to the relevant document of municipal Party committee of Shenzhen of the Communist Party of China turn to the country endowment appoint (Shenzhen city investment controls a limited company) management.
The service group of the company has code of policy of good education setting, hep labor and the professional composition that have substantial manpower natural resources to manage experience by a batch, among them labor counsel group is major of the member that arbitrate by dispute of labor law expert, senior labor, judge, labor law more the elite group that official of lawyer and labor safeguard government forms, serve the professional dominant position that the group ensured the company serves outstandingly.
The company takes an active part in market competition, now already with SamSung of squares formed by crossed lines of Woerma, Du Bangzhong country, game (SSG) , ISTC, Sang Fei, when telecommunication of pay interest, China, China shift, Tecent, Tian Wei inspects dispatch, Bank of China, China to build bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, group staff dimensions exceeds 15 outside, 000 people.
The company insists to be with market demand from beginning to end oriented, send in manpower resource, service of rear services of representative of work of the bag outside human affairs, work, profession introduction, personnel, employee grooms (the example inside the enterprise) , the student jackarooes counsel of management, labor, management seeks advice those who wait for domain implementation client is all-around demand. The company takes the lead in sending a domain to pass ISO9001 of center of Chinese certificate of quality in manpower resource: 2000 quality manage systematic attestation, it is comprehensive strength of first company inside course of study " AAA " the professional orgnaization of financial condition grade, already developed become home market to change rate one of companies of highest, professional manpower resources that have force most.

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