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Central enterprise compresses group of expenditure state cable to get conduction
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Reporter yesterday (22 days) from the country endowment appoint understand with a few central enterprises, since this year, face an enterprise to manage all sorts of medium cases, of center look forward to fall this synergism job strength is increased increasingly, all sorts of aggrandizement management, pressure decrease spending measure to come on stage in succession carry out, group of its China cable gets conduction band head to fall firewood 30% .

Sea oily company already asked what to belong to each unit to reduce the administrative spending budget this year in 10% . Current technology group puts forward, can charge year cost budget to compress 5% above. National electrified wire netting first half of the year material, repair, overhead expenses is reduced compared to the same period 14.5% , managing 4.25 billion yuan. To reduce management cost with all one's strength, staff of group of Chinese weapons equipment allots and carry out in complete works group " cost is banner 36 action " , annual but managing cost cost is close 2 billion yuan. Be aimed at the current situation of management deficit, electric group leader leads the nation the head falls firewood 30% . Net of invite applications for a job of Shenzhen city teacher

Come from national endowment appoint statistical data shows, company cost of sales, overhead expenses compares business income amplitude in the center of first half of the year respectively low 5.7 with 5.6 percent.

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