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Shenzhen mayor Xu Zongheng leads a team to go to Shenzhen to publish group surve
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Yesterday afternoon, mayor Xu Zongheng leads relevant branch chief to go to Shenzhen to publish group survey. He emphasizes, municipal government of municipal Party committee publishs main support group innovation system, mechanism, do further do greatly strong, the publication that walks out of a success and the reform that release photograph union develop way, the method of innovation development exploration that publishs course of study for the whole nation, accumulate experience. City leadership Wang Jingsheng, Zhang Saiping, Yan Xiaopei and Li Ping of municipal government secretary-general entered survey activity.

Publish a group the development state of affairs since relevant controller introduced a group to establish. Shenzhen publishs a group is group of the our city's state-owned and wholy-owned large culture industry, approval of classics municipal government was issued by city 2007 (group) company and sea day press are amalgamative establish and become, it is home first confluence publishs fluctuation idle fund to result from the industry group of an organic whole. The editor of book of group to in an attempt to, the press is published, issue and culture product is current for core business, existing management area is close 100 thousand square metre, the group achieved sales revenue 2007 5. 300 million yuan.

Xu Zongheng points out, publish group and its predecessor to issue group and sea day press, develop to promote society of our city economy, promote culture estate development especially, urge construction of common culture system, satisfied citizen culture demand to make positive contribution. Published a group 2007 establish, it is the serious exploration that system of our city culture innovates, opened the whole nation to publish, the beginning that issues system innovation. Since the group is established, group leading group and faculty solidarity, preliminary straightened business relation, formed whole to push working train of thought and measure, opened a favorable working situation stage by stage.

Xu Zongheng emphasizes, face increasingly intense market competition, the task that publishs a group to develop further is very formidable, the group should meet a challenge actively, aim at top-ranking, do do by force big: It is to want to fluctuate in innovation system, mechanism kongfu, the research that increases pair of markets analyses strength, the management system that market competition gets used to since work up and industry move a mechanism; 2 it is to want to satisfying the make an issue of on social culture demand, get used to a number to publish the requirement of new condition, increase product innovation, in active and occupational market while the culture product that offers high quality for broad citizen and service; 3 it is to want to strengthening a business think on vigor, outstanding development advocate course of study, rise advocate industry competition ability, explore the way that diversity runs actively at the same time; 4 be real is moved on rigorous management, progressively and perfect legal person administers a structure, build decision-making and administrative science, strong, red-blooded contemporary company system.
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