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Block up 5 errors with your duty rising field
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After working one year, there is leave a seat vacant of a few positions in the company, you are one of candidate. But promote to a high office,do not have your portion, the person that takes a company later than you even won promotion.

If such thing happens on your body, you should meditate well oneself.

So, how does ability cause others (especially boss) notice and do not miss the next time opportunity? It is 5 hamper below you on-the-job field is obtained due the understanding error of redound, must try to correct.

   One of errors: People ought to know I am the employee of an assiduous job

The stuff that does an assiduous work does not mean you to be able to win due get one's own back certainly, you still must be him toot from time to time. Whether you make scene because of labour recently and had whether you make scene because of labour recently and obtained praise? So the success that the newsletter that looks for a means to let boss be in a company perhaps recognizes you on announcement card. The filar towel with buy good to oneself, be forced brooch or it is a good cravat, regard this as the memento of one success. When others publishs a comment to these things, did not forget to tell them the story of these thing backside.

   Of the error: Boss knows I think preferment of course

You do not speak out, how can boss know your think of a way? The take a moment conceives the plan that improves the work, look for an opportunity to follow boss meeting, state your objective. Before the support that gets boss, do not end meeting. "Are you willing to help me? " , this is the decisive issue that must ask about in this kind of meeting. Because boss is happy to hear such issue and cast its,not be place is good, however because, if you want to progress, the support of boss is indispensable normally.

   Of the error: The colleague is my best friend, (he) she won't compete with me new position

The thing is not thought like you -- if the pay of new position is compared,raised 10-20% at present, people can compete normally it. Remember, the office can not be cafe, public affairs always is the platoon is before friendship. Although like to work in the same place very much, you also want dedicated at the job, did not disperse because of worthless prattle energy. Others may be in you are unmindful in the center seized an opportunity.

  Of the error: Those who learn new position with only way it is to view human affairs announcement

Carry office pass on a message, you can know almost all things. If you are not added advertent, miss important information likely. You can lend discrepancy the opportunity of other department office and person exchange of conventional greetings. "Hey, how to pass on the weekend? " with such problem begin, can communicate easily with others. But want to remember, do not want the time that has lingered to grow. In that way others can misunderstand you not to work hard, be 4 outside loaf about " the bag asks " .
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