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Performance test should not be the same as employee benefit link up with directl
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"No matter be grade evaluates law, alignment to compare standard of imitate of law, compulsive rule of three, circumstances, so called still 360 degrees are evaluated, hard to avoid makes ' take temporary solution ' mistake. This just examined ' the issue that examines easily ' and rather than ' the most important thing ' . Result, employee meets scared test, bring about enterprise test maladjusted. " IBM performance examines.R of favour of advanced research adviser. Si Bide says so.

What you see no less than, a course that runs a side about performance test is having here. Schoolteaching teacher is performance improves performance of thoughts leader, IBM to examine advanced research adviser enlighten favour.R. Dr. Si Bide.

Performance test is to point to the method that uses a system, principle, assess, gauger labour is mixed in the working action of officially working effect. Below most circumstance, the enterprise is this word understanding more easily " the accrual that the result of according to test will come to decide employee " . Although the leader of 93% believes to evaluate the effect with rose very main on influence trade result, but only the leader of 15%'s active to them test system feels special satisfaction. Do not like even accountant his test system even, a recent investigation shows, the person be visited that has 67% thinks the performance of their company tests a system invalid or very invalid.

"What reason is this? " enlighten favour doctor asks, " the manner that employee judges to need checking can be widely divergent so -- contradict to be hostile to from feeling, because too much person was used to test disappear polar,be. Thinking to examine is ' the penalty of the award to the small number of people, most person, and to erring of the person search for ' . And to erring of the person search for ' ..

Should examine -- the enterprise is brought think the drive that be proud is mixed measure a mechanism to become employee " bane " , this is how humourous is shown.

Why can you appear examine maladjusted? Where to show stage performance to examine an error to be in? How should be we done?

"Employee fear can be caused examine maladjusted "

"Examine maladjusted " the optimal interest of the behavior that shows test process itself is brought and company is contrary. "Once appear,examine maladjusted phenomenon, although the industry is particular the number may rise somewhat, but truly important performance will change more however jump over flooey. " enlighten favour say, "Examine basically have two kinds, one kind is be used at information purpose ' information test ' ; One kind is be used at rewards and punishment ' drive test ' . When help group member increase management and the capacity of the job that finish when it as source of a kind of news, very precious; When once examine minatory and as close as rewards and punishment connection,be together, test news value is accessary at ' the drive that it gives more effort place to make to people or penalize ' , this meeting arouses employee fear, also be to examine at the same time maladjusted advocate because of. Also be to examine at the same time maladjusted advocate because of..
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