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English grooms the attention avoids 8 big " mine field "
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An investigation of the near future shows, 14% white-collars are attending English to groom, 35% white-collars groom to English have pressing demand, the white-collar of 51% supports active and wait-and-see attitude. Most white-collar thinks, english grooms is the efficient way that promotes duty field competition ability, but as we have learned, because study a method notion of not proper, study is incorrect wait for a reason, the English of a lot of white-collars grooms the effect is not ideal. So, what to attend English study to want to notice to avoid " mine field " ?
·Syntactic for first
Grammar thinks first before conversation, writing, grammar of for fear that is wrong, this is education of Chinese style English those who stay " sequela " one of. A lot of white-collars learn English to be used to knowing a word first, learn grammar again, at the same time constrained at grammar, both neither dare talk, also read discomfort to be not written. The purpose that learns English is to communicate with English, because this training hears literacy is very important. For the person that passes water to falling, natant theory use is not big. Learning English also is such, light has syntactic theory, and devoid language practice, cannot communicate. So, must combine language practice to understand grammar, learn a language nonexistent to the fault, want to be able to speak out only, it is OK to make a family clear, need not rack one's brains in scheming considers to use what sentence pattern.
·Attend to one thing and lose another
Still some of white-collar values spoken language too, feel mastering spoken language is study English " highest state " . Actually, spoken language is admittedly important, but listen, read, it is likewise important to write, listening more is the premise that learns English; And read can enlarge vocabulary and intellectual face, train thinking, understanding, wraparound ability at the same time; Write a kind of test of more integrated ability. Accordingly, learning English should be all-around, listen, say, read, write, want reach every aspect of a matter, cannot attend to one thing and lose another.
·Art of problem naval battle
Some people feel to learn English to want to learn to be obtained somewhat, must take an examination of piece of certificate, because this learns centre of gravity,deal with an exam namely. For this, do all sorts of imitate examination questions desperately, try to differentiate proof oneself capability high by right of pass an entrance examination. In fact, the exam follows study is two different matters, the exam just is opposite one the individual's the gift of tongues undertakes determining, but cannot give help you increase capacity. Accordingly, want to learn English, join classroom teacher and student seriously, rise seriously read capability, hear of ability, enlarge a vocabulary, ability learns be become somewhat truly.
·Illusion crash
A lot of people are put when learning English have " crash " illusion, think to be able to adopt certain and special method, on 1000 words remember inside brief a week, or it is ability of English of class of 3 on two hours with respect to advance rapidly. This kind of idea not suit is actual, an any language study are impossible crash, in one day can not complete the accumulation of the word and syntactic study. Learn English to do not have shortcut, must avoid blundering mood, and should hardheaded, ground of a class learns a lesson, ability arrives from quantitative change qualitative change.
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