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2007 eventually year old end how him check
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Duty field is taking chill to walk into in December, although invite applications for a job is so not fervent, but, enter the phase of ending, him check results of this year, new and integrated oneself resource, new option fits his position, lay a good foundation for next year, still be the buzzing with activity that have.

One, should pay close attention to the market, combinative position prices will have check

The industry of everybody position is different, different, in the market different time, position change is distinct also. So, pay close attention to the market, pay close attention to position, the action to him guidance is very significant.

Of 1. attention year end " ability city index "

"Ability city index " include two kinds of indexes: "The talent supplies an index " and " talent demand index " . Among them, "The talent supplies an index " report that month domestic to apply for a job person the trends of the group and development direction, hold talent market to supply at any time for the enterprise provide dynamic data, be opposite in time for the enterprise at the same time manpower resource and talent reserve undertake adjustment providing reference. "Talent demand index " report the overall trend of company invite applications for a job is mixed that month heat of invite applications for a job, the industry feature of talent demand, the information of firewood fulfil level of different city, disparate industry and different position, the person that it is to apply for a job holds market of invite applications for a job overall condition, the direction of to apply for a job that adjusts oneself in time and target of to apply for a job provide reference. Be like: Ability supplies the person November to all have with demand rise considerably, the talent supplies the difference with demand to narrow somewhat. Releasing the industry with most position to rank is: Professional service (seek advice, money meeting, law) , intermediary serves (patent of talent, brand) , business affairs of Internet, electron) computer software, IT serves / system compositive, education / groom / scientific research / school, estate is developed / building and project, commerce / . Among them: Go up newly industry of a list of names posted up is intermediary service () of patent of talent · brand, intermediary service arrived more should active in December, intermediary of intermediary of the ability that be like a person, brand patent, house property, finance intermediary, marriage loves the intermediary that make friend, homemaking intermediary, study abroad intermediary, car intermediary. Talent intermediary serves one of important service content that are intermediary industry, make duty field personage takes the each step of good profession career smoothly, help everybody find person hillock to match, the job that suits oneself, industry prospect is good. Estate intermediary service industry, basically include estate broker, estate to evaluate, estate seeks advice from 3 kinds big. Financial intermediary orgnaization is to show the profit unit from capital absorbs capital to offer capital deficit unit and the economic system that provide all sorts of banking services. The function of financial intermediary orgnaization basically has credit creation, liquidation to pay, resource configuration, information provides a few fields such as zephyr risk management. And lose out the industry is machinery is made / Electromechanical / heavy industry industry, before this industry paragraph invite applications for a job is fervent, personnel is stabilized already basically now.
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