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Jiangsu IT course of study 2000 post will " leave a seat vacant for sb "
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Jiangsu " activity of month of recruit students of invite applications for a job of new growing labour force " roll out activity of invite applications for a job of a large graduate show intended for a limited audience again. The reporter saves labor to ensure hall profession to introduce central know from Jiangsu yesterday, this center saves combination Yu Benzhou of Information Industry hall 5 in drum-tower street 5 provinces labour market is held jointly " Jiangsu saves the Information Industry kind activity of invite applications for a job of graduate special performance " , post of industry of 2000 much IT will " leave a seat vacant for sb " .

Electronic Information Industry develops in Su Peng suddenly, already became this to save the biggest industry, the computer (software, network) , the major reason such as project of information of project of microelectronics, communication, radio engineering, electric project and automation, electron engineering course is professional demand is exuberant and rise continuously, derive conspicuous much vacanter post thereby. According to Jiangsu controller of center of the interpose that visit office introduces: From look on the whole, electronic information kind obtain employment prices of the talent very value, regular meeting lasts inside the near future popular the market, make the central point that company of new and high technology contends for. This second invite applications for a job can cover design of business affairs of computer soft hardware, electron, structure, electron to correspond kind wait for major, the activity has unit of many 60 choose and employ persons to offer network technician, hardware to safeguard about, the obtain employment post such as software development 2000 many, solely invested enterprise takes business of its China and foreign countries 8% , the Chinese-foreign joint venture is occupied 13% , the joint stock company is occupied 16% , enterprise of illicit civilian battalion is occupied 25% , finite liability company is occupied 38% . LG starts the numerous and large well-known company such as limited company of video of riverside of Le Jinfei benefit of company, Nanjing together " Qiu Xianre is thirsty " , join in succession can take gift.

After the activity, center of introduction of Jiangsu province profession still is met a to apply for a job person individual data is inputted " website of Jiangsu province labour market " , the classified tabulation such as apiration of administrative levels of the age that presses professional technology personnel, culture, professional skill, to apply for a job is registered, build obtain employment to dog information desk Zhang, carry out guide groom service, offer after groom recommend service of obtain employment post, the person that let to apply for a job is found at an early date gratified flexibly the job.

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