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Zhang Yi of main actor of Li of consolidate of week embellish hair is sought new
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New piece leave next year taking a style still is a knight-errant

The He Suiwen that Zhang Yi seeks art piece " a thousand li walks along Chan Qi " had not shown, and of his next year new an attention that caused media early however. A few days ago, in " of maternal aunt hind modern life " film the spot, successful hair elder brother cannot help mentioning this to media the department is new piece. Hair elder brother expresses, the Spring Festival passes, he can throw Zhang Yi to seek instantly new piece in filming, perform adversary to make fun of with Gong Li. 7 days, the reporter interviewed Zhang Weiping of new picture manager with respect to this matter phone.

The hearsay says, the new title that Zhang Yi seeks is " the memory of autumn day " , will send He Gongli couplet to sleeve by Zhourun main actor. This will be Zhang Yi seeks He Gongli 12 years to come first " pull a hand " , the first time that also is Zhou Runfa and consolidate Li cooperates. And and " Chan Qi " different, what Zhang Yi seeks is new piece it is film of ministry ancient costume. Zhang Weiping expresses, a such gramophone records should be taken really after Zhang Yi seeks next year Spring Festival, but title is not " the memory of autumn day " : "" the memory of autumn day " this name does not rely on chart completely, it is the report that Chinese media translated Hollywood by accident. " what to call after all as to film, zhang Weiping says the play is still half-baked, be in now sprint phase, the name has not decided. Zhang Weiping still discloses, zhang Yi is sought take a such motion pictures early with respect to the plan, so early begins to write a script. Zhang Weiping returns complement to say, at the beginning of be being created from the play, Zhang Yi is sought the director asks Gong Li to go out with respect to the plan perform this play. And the time that this play begins to create is compared even " hero " play creation time is even early.

Zhang Weiping expresses, this film will be in Beijing, Sichuan, Zhejiang 3 ground find a view, and Zhang Yi seeks still will be in this play reinstate new personality: "The actor is cent 3 echelon formation. Gong Li and Zhou Runfa are a main actor, also be the first echelon formation; The actor of the 2nd echelon formation still is in in exchanging views, basically will use two sides the star of 3 ground; The 3rd echelon formation will be new personality completely. " as to film style, zhangwei makes the same score described as " the blame swordsman film that has knight-errant setting " , "Will compare swordsman film satisfy a craving " . Zhang Weiping is laughing to say: "Zhang Yi is sought had shot two swordsman film, pat again do not pass addiction. Pat again do not pass addiction..

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