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How many monthly pay just relies on undergraduate course graduate chart
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First invite applications for a job that saves 2006 colleges graduate completely is met, go up 26 days month to be held in Fuzhou international exhibition center. I save 2006 colleges graduate to predict to will amount to left and right sides of 110 thousand person. How many gift does the monthly pay of undergraduate course undergraduate that I visit strong finish school take appropriate?

Recently, our newspaper reporter visited a certain number of enterprises, college, what hear at the same time is unit of choose and employ persons opens a monthly pay to undergraduate course graduate 800 yuan of lower even pay, what across hears is graduate expectation monthly pay is controlled in 1500 yuan. How should face the huge gap of this reality and expectation?

Interview honored guest

He Xibin of vise general manager of southeast talent market

Leaf of teacher of center of guidance of Fuzhou university obtain employment is green

Fujian is new east Deng Fulong of ministry of resource of manpower of limited company of net science and technology

100 things China invests limited company to be in charge of Hu Zhao of manager of campus invite applications for a job

Fujian Normal University Chen Liang of graduate of 2005 work major

Xu Jianping of colleger of history of society of Fujian Normal University

Beijing external institute of English of economic commerce university 2006 graduate Han Yi

Keyword   800 yuan 1500 yuan

Reporter: Wanted to apply for a job immediately, your hope monthly pay how many?

Chen Liang: Probation is controlled 1500 yuan, also want 1300 yuan the least.

Xu Jianping: Undergraduate students graduation should have 1500 yuan, there can be two the least after becoming a full member 3000.

Han Yi: If be,work in Beijing, hope monthly pay is controlled 3000 yuan, if be a Fuzhou, should control in 2000 yuan at least.

Reporter: So a how many salary can the business leave to graduate?

Hu Zhao: This bad to say, the situation of each one is different, general 1000 yuan or so.

Deng Fulong: Want to visit what station, novitiate is general 800 - 1300 yuan or so. There still is the probation of 3 months before novitiate, become a full member to want to see what post and respective ability later, control in 1500 yuan commonly, some is a bit lower, some is a bit taller, more outstanding have 2000 yuan or so, this kind of person is less nevertheless.

He Xibin: Every industry has his different case, industry of company of a few software, insurance, banking industry, these have character. Be sure for instance industry, base salary is in 300 yuan - 400 yuan, software company is 1000 multivariate, if development is better, its bonus is met a lot of; The base salary that still a few make a sale also is in 800 yuan - 1000 yuan, these industry development have latent capacity very much. In addition a few industries perhaps can achieve 2000 yuan or so.
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