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To apply for a job of the person that experience is not worth 3 avoid
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Face the talent market that become better day by day, the person that have the to apply for a job of professional skill personally all already be eager for doing sth, "Work " become popular topic. Want to competing a Triton of the minnows on intense talent market, show itself, win " Bai Le people " favour, be not a few one paper diploma, resume to be able to be accomplished. Especially a few person that seek the to apply for a job with job scant experience, duty field 3 avoid not allow to ignore.

   One avoid is bombastic, make a showy display of one's abilities. Be respected each other and be honest is the basic principle that person and person get along, in with unit of choose and employ persons style of conversation should notice when interview condescending, natural, in order to increase oneself reliability and affinity. Exaggerated can make only with impertinent make a showy display of one's abilities actually by auditor apprentice adds allergy, exposed the weakness in disposition instead. Of course, modesty is equal to from Bei, when individual character of this project oneself and distinctive opinion, also need bold and composed, do not let other despise, lose the chance that behaves ego.

Specific and character, when applying for state-owned company, civilian battalion enterprise, empty of conversational Ying Qian a few; And face enterprise of a few foreign capital, joint ventures to reach a lot of management kind relatively contemporary, westernized unit, but daring performance, agile and optional. This and domestic company and foreign enterprise are related the essential difference on concept and administrative pattern.

   2 avoid are laggard and expatiatory, demit not express the idea. Can go up in the invite applications for a job that poll assemble changes, be about to be in 1000 army a road of a blood is killed to come in 10 thousand horses, chatting finally with unit of choose and employ persons is not an easy thing. Everybody should cherish this kind of opportunity, strive to be before unit of choose and employ persons speak out freely, sufficient expression. Will tell from the angle of unit of choose and employ persons, choice side is opposite bigger, they hope sea cleans out sand sincerely, only then see true gold, but inside fixed time, also want to have more filtration as far as possible leeway. The way one speaks or what he says hesitates in speech, laggard and expatiatory, can make unit of choose and employ persons has wasteful time and work not flat and agile feeling, especially the socialization that foreign capital enterprise pays attention to an individual very much and communication ability. The person that serve as to apply for a job, the expressions that should choose simple palpability as far as possible goes complete the intention that expresses oneself.

   3 avoid find new job often, ego is shown off. The talent's flow is frequent with each passing day, everybody enters what the person that talent market applies for believes it is certain to have to find new job record, although most unit asks applicant has relevant working experience, but at the same time to it conflicting is, a lot of leaders abstain from again find new job very frequent person, although not from one and eventually, also should be content with own job, often the person of the never be satisfied where one is, do not agree to immerse oneself in enterprising of working in an attempt to, it is pure requirement redound only, be servantchoosed a person for a job necessarily unit place is disgustful. Accordingly, the person that experience the to apply for a job that replaces often inside short time to the job, the experience that avoid by all means does not find new job him serves as a kind of capital that show off.
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