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Graduate, it why apply for a job is difficult to why apply for a job?
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KEE, on Shanghai famous university 7 years of this year's graduateses, be at present apply for a job be anxious.

By last year, enterprise of some medium-sized foreign capital, value quite to the latent capacity of KEE, promise the salary with very good KEE, reach groom plan, but KEE does not look however. "I can find better job " , KEE continues to lay vision " famous transnational corporation " . But be defeated repeatedly repeatedly battle, repeatedly battle is defeated repeatedly. Wear soon closer and closer from graduation, a lot of classmates found the job in succession, KEE is anxious. Below the friend's commendation, KEE found adviser of hertz honest profession.

  Case analysis:

KEE, achievement is outstanding, it is colleger meets a cadre, belong to it is better to apply for a condition the sort of. Why to find the job to now?

On-the-job course of study is inspired advisorily below, KEE spoke a load on one's mind: Because achievement is outstanding,be student cadre, KEE is very tall to his professional career fixed position, him hope can make a career. Accordingly, common enterprise KEE is disinclined even resume deliver, think " do work unworthy of one's talents " , be afraid that imperial daughter was married farmer, then, he lays vision entirely " high grade enterprise " , but always early by rinse come down. Then, KEE does not have a home to return to up to now.

One of error of KEE: Regarding company name erroneously is the standard that apply for a job.

One-sided professional viewpoint of value, make KEE missed a lot of the main chance for nothing. Professional adviser suggests you, adjust state of mind of healthy and sturdy choose course of study, without first-rate job, have the properest job only.

Professional adviser thinks: Judge " working opportunity " principle, basically see the play limit of your ability, the company spends etc to your heavy visual range.

Ability develops limit to basically point to: Of respect and the job such as disposition, interest, professional, ability agree degree.

The company takes degree seriously to include to yours: Opportunity of the play space that the company gives you, education, rising opportunity, pay.

Other: The use that includes industry, company becomes development state, system of the company culture of the company, management

Analyse according to professional adviser, tell from each respect, that foreign capital company that is declined by KEE, suit KEE very much in fact, especially the company boss attention to KEE and affirmation, to KEE the profession henceforth develops very helpful. Because KEE is right oneself ability judgement is exorbitant, feel oneself can find better job, consequently blind decline. Make the opportunity is missed for nothing.

Of the error of KEE: Do not have accurate judgement to his competition ability.

Have grandiose aims but puny abilities, it is a lot of graduate common fault, they cross upland estimation the competition ability of oneself. This kind of crowd, often be the student with outstanding achievement or student cadre. Really, in campus this compares pure environment in, they are outstanding, excellent. But they were ignored, campus is one party Sukhavati of the society only, their outstanding, if broke away from campus this specific environment, also lost a sense.
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