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When interview " too able " also can let you miss an opportunity
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One is major of average college foreign trade is big 4 schoolgirls small A, one is some college what teach a college remotely is big 4 schoolgirls small B, two resume are placed in manager of business of company of congratulate Yue foreign trade at the same time of Mr Sun before when, mr Sun expresses none hesitantly former have definite advantage from ability of record of formal schooling, activity, English ability. However round of interview chats come down, the mood of Mr Sun came an about-face, he decides to give small B working chance, because small B suits more,become assistant.

Premature show-through, bring about a bureau

These a few years, the foreign trade business of Mr Sun is done well, at present he is badly in need of assistant of business of a foreign trade responsible factory is contacted and delivering goods the job. See the manner that picks up the telephone when interview, mr Zhang discovers small A disposition is flat and agile, he feels small A is quite appropriate. But ask about when him small A is right at will when occupational plans, small A expresses likewise flat and agily: The hope can enter yearly salary as soon as possible 100 thousand cavalcade. This word lets Mr Sun the whisper made in the heart: The position of assistant of a business achieves yearly salary impossibly 100 thousand standard, such schoolgirl is sure disturbed cent works, still perhaps looked for a trouble to oneself. Watch small B instead, family circumstances is pretty good, disposition is gentle and quiet, not tall to salary requirement, still express to want to learn well all the time. The inadequacy on record of formal schooling, ability became a good point instead. "Of deal most be afraid that in-house person grabs the trade, look for assistant to be about to search be at ease, too able schoolgirl, I do not want! " Mr Sun expresses.

The tone is too big, let a person go against instead

Not come singly but in pairs, experience Mr Nie of agency of Hangzhou of some medicine company also has Wuhan same view. The advertisement of female assistant received business of a little invite applications for a job before half month many 120 applicant, there is no lack of among them the student of key university college of medicine. "If you give me the space of a play, I can let you have N certainly the accrual of times. " hear similar state, mr Nie feels very irritated, under interview the heart holds out his present female undergraduate tall. "We also know undergraduate obtain employment is not easy, but hope everybody is in when applying for a job, state of mind should be made the same score a few, see the position that apply for clear, many somes of sincerity, everybody wastes so as to save time. " Mr Nie deep feeling says.

Somebody is forced to behave below obtain employment pressure " self-confident " . "Schoolgirl obtain employment nots allow originally easy, I do not say myself a few more by force, perhaps behave a few more by force, unit of choose and employ persons can feel we are self-confident and insufficient, not be it is very important to say self-confidence is to apply for a job on one hand. " to this, many big 4 schoolgirls express to indissoluble. The schoolgirl Xiaolu of major of urban college law is more acerb: The woman student is good enter interview not easily to close, everybody thinks out good oneself one side is behaved, if I state I want to become an assistant all one's life, servantchoose a person for a job does the unit feel content? They also feel such undergraduate does not have prospect for certain. The schoolgirl with strong capability of self-confident, job ought to welcome! Everybody apt: Although actual strength is insufficient, also want to be behaved a few more self-confidently.
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