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10 when interview most a Gordian knot
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Understand first before interview, the exercise undertakes to a few very difficult questions the answer of other issue prepares replying meeting assistance you to be opposite. Some questions ask morer, although some is less but the foundation that is answer other problem however.

Why doesn't 1. talk about yourself?

   Analysis: This is an open sex problem. Mention from where go, but saying on 9 hours glibly can not be employer place hope. Such problem is exam whether can you choose a key and it expression of clear, glibly comes out. Apparent, the person that quiz wants to let your setting you and the positional connection that want rise.

   Answer countermeasure: Have a few basic methods. One is the question that direct and brief answer asks, another is the requirement before replying asks the question more clearly. Below two kinds of afore-mentioned circumstances, the technical ability that you want to turn your answer to you immediately, experience and you come up to get those who accept working this at present groom.

   Answer example: "I come from a little family, have a little brother, parents still is working. After the middle school graduates, I assiduously study market sale bachelor. Daytime holds the position of the member that be on sale is carried out in a business organization, learned many knowledge that run a side. For example, the business of company of a my full-fledged member is responsible wholesale sale, sale amount is 2 million dollar one year. Over I learn how to run occurrences in human life, the problem is solved below pressure. The uses me mastery of a skill or technique with my can better hope. The experience that I believe me and record of formal schooling will let me greet to future bigger challenge. The experience that I believe me and record of formal schooling will let me greet to future bigger challenge..

   Commment: Only simple introduced individual history, the very fast skill that turns key topic to be concerned with the job and experience come up. You also can ask interviewer to think him to the thing of understanding is centered to a bit really, if you can ask: "You want to know I get the education that pass, the technique that perhaps concerns with the job and experience? " wait, mostly what is what can employer tell you they are interested gladly?

Why do I want 2. employ you?

   Analysis: This is the problem of a direct, front, although this question won't ask so clearly, but can be put forward after other problem, this problem does not have implicit meaning.

   Answer countermeasure: Immediate problem need is immediate should reply, why should they employ you? The cleverest answer to them is not advantageous to you. This problem can make you offer evidence to improve work efficiency in order to confirm you can help them to them, reduce cost, increase a sale, solve a problem (be like punctual go to work, the service that improves pair of clients, organization the) such as job of one or more management.
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