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Sea of " of the person that study abroad returns a group of things with common f
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The Li Yan of Ceng Liuxue United States grand establish Baidu, a lot of abroad study abroad put in bearer 's charge to just write another " poineering legend " . Also because of such, once people is right abroad study abroad the member that put in bearer 's charge, taking more or less envy or esteem.

According to statistic, china is outer study abroad personnel gross is amounted to 460 thousand, still have a batch of another batch students every year, taking the longing to future, emerge to overseas pursue one's studies. However, the reporter discovers however, domestic expenses offers his 10 thousand yuan about a hundred overseas pursue one's studies; And study abroad return however have grandiose aims but puny abilities, still make offerings to by parents, shen Cheng appeared unexpectedly a batch " the sea returns gnaw old a group of things with common features " .

Interview does not see a job a few times 20

"I also do not know how he thinks, likelihood Xiao Tao (alias) have older ideal. " Mr Li mentions him hair is small the cousin that is brought up together can'ted help sighing. The cousin of Mr Li is the student that graduated 2001 with phylum of aid university heart, went to 2002 heart study abroad, read at hamburger university, assiduously study major of information management project. Mr Li always is this year overjoyed the brilliant student that longed to come back to leave ocean to return. But trouble is very sharp subsequently and come.    

The Xiao Tao that returned June, interview a few 20 units, did not find a proper job up to now however.

2001, xiao Tao completed the school work of university undergraduate course. He depends on favorable result and social activity ability, by 2000 " apply for a job try water " in the Offer that took company of a few foreign capital smoothly, the other side opens the monthly pay that give to already exceeded 6000 yuan at that time, this is in at that time, can be a very good income to graduate of a college. Nevertheless, xiao Tao has older ideal however, the fire of no less than of Chinese Internet career at that time develops like ground of a bitter edible plant, shao Yibo one large quantities of crackajack abroad study abroad the success of returning youth does poineering work or the article of high-end choose course of study, let Xiao Tao think to be interested in IT extremely oneself cannot be satisfied at a month to taking 6000 money to get along only.

Very fast, pass hard, xiao Tao applied for major of project of information of German hamburger university, this is a Germany famous institution of higher learning. 2002 set foot on early spring go to the road of heart. Mr Li tells a reporter, xiao Tao tells him, when just beginning to read, his achievement is very good, nevertheless slowly he begins to put more energy in " seek an opportunity " on. A lot of problems that because the language is illogical,head for the person of German deal, the Chinese student studying abroad that comes to place via often can searching does an interpreter, the Xiao Tao that assiduously studies German major in undergraduate course times is undoubtedly " competent " interpreter. This can earn many living cost for Xiao Tao not only, more make he thinks, oneself opportunity is coming. It is good that he hopes to contact a few businessmen more for oneself henceforth do poineering work accumulate some of experience and person arteries and veins.
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