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Memoir of to apply for a job of United States of student studying abroad
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After graduating from major of project of Tsinghua university electron, take advanced courses at going to the United States 1999. After the Master graduates in new jersey company of a hardware works two years. Hind by Dekesasi cent school admits university Austin, read fasten at electronic project. The doctor graduated Summer 2006, begin to set foot on apply for a job itinerary...

Imperceptible, had arrived the summer 2007, in the study of nervous business and job, I already was in so that the university spent Kesasi 3 age. For the student that fastens to electronic project, if had master's degree to arrive 4 years partly with 3 years only commonly can the doctor graduates, if be undergraduate course only,graduation reads rich, need 4 years to arrive 5 years partly the time of half.

Average doctoral student should be after enter a school the 2nd to qualificatory exam attends during the 4th semester, by the wisdom that the student assesses in the department, ability, have oral test already, also have written examination. If the exam fails, be turned to be a Master to be born, graduation hind applies for a job by master's degree, in the United States this is planted the circumstance is not scarce also.

Be in the United States, the Master is born and of the doctoral student fall into disuse rate is very high, some major achieve 50% above. The number rate of Master and doctor is about 7: 1. The United States is very strict to the requirement of doctoral diploma, rather go without than have something shoddy-put quality before quantity, must be worthy of the name just goes. University Austin divides the Dekesasi that I am in school electron project is, reading a doctor to have 60 people in all, among them Chinese student studying abroad 20 people, indian student studying abroad 20 people, of the United States and other country have 20 people. Because the curricular demand of electronic project is very high, content is very difficult, what so American applies for this major is very few.

Below the arrangement of adviser, I passed a doctor to open problem report inside a week that termed begins Summer 2006. On the seminar, the task content that the doctoral student will study him rejoins to doctoral paper committee undertakes revealing, by them judgement is considered this kind to whether be worth, way is right.

Carried report opening a subject, I need to register the credit of project only in two semester of autumn and spring, this year in May (2007) OK and formal graduation. Usually, the student that prepares graduation begins one year to apply for a job ahead of schedule, can find inside before graduation a few months about, undertake the paper rejoins next. Also some classmates work for some time first, return the school to undertake the paper rejoins again next. Without giving thought to how, I should begin to apply for a job!

After communicating with family, my what kind of to searching job had a level gradually:

Above all, want to seek the high-tech company with a good prospect; Next company dimensions moderate, have suitable station, have the job that oneself like and is good at; The 3rd should have reasonable and appropriate labour firewood salary; Last, the climate of company seat, geographical condition is better, moderate of level of price of prices, house.
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