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Interview 4 avoid, do you have make?
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1. avoid faces a stage fright.

Probably before your achievement ranks year 3, evaluate integratedly your probably already strove for quota of people leaving capital for you, but if be without confidence to oneself, will naturally affect oneself when interview face a play. Accordingly, before interview
You might as well try the small intrigue below:

Interview before today, rehearse with the friend, prepare the result of the problem that often alludes, let friend advise.

Before interview one hour, browse oneself resume, what obtain award to wait especially.

Before interview half hours, deep breathing, warn oneself again big before bank also enter came over, will apply for a job henceforth can experience more interview.

Before interview 5 minutes, try to carry Tang poetry on the back 300, or the Si Bao end the arrowroot of Lincoln makes a speech, loosen mood of one conditions or feelings of the lower levels, so that throw intense battle.

2. avoid and numerous identical.

"Can you introduce oneself? " it is the question that interview asks constantly, be sure to keep in mind not to want the resume repeat oneself. You can tell your story even, let the other side understand your disposition, complexion. When interview, want to note
Him meaning speech, language fast. Want to let take an examination of government-owned satisfaction, the language that you can imitate them fast.

3. avoid " buccal straight heart is fast " .

If take an examination of Guan Gang to say a problem every time, you with respect to too impatient to wait go replying, can appear not quite sedate. Of course, if every problem wanted to think again, appear beyond the mark and careful again, be overcautious. Right way is: Big
Once most problem puts forward, you can reply instantly, the edge considers by the side of the answer how ending. Other more intractable or the problem that expect is less than, you can take following the way to deal with a situation:

The question that raises the other side is told with him mood of allegation. If the other side asks ' can you feel very as difficult as other collaboration sometimes? ' you can reply so: "In all sorts of society activities of the school and group task
, I never have it is very difficult to hear others to say to cooperate with me. If have, I think because,that is sometimes I am too devoted to the activity that my is interested. I think because,that is sometimes I am too devoted to the activity that my is interested..

Acknowledge the problem of the other side, "Is what you point to... ? "Is what you point to... ??

4. avoid ignores regulation.

Interview is form turns very strong activity, the game that has oneself is regular. Be like: Dress is decent; The first impression is crucial; Limbs language wants proper; Often do not stare at official of move take an examination ofing; Interview hind writes acknowledgment to believe or the inquiry admits affection
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