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How does monthly pay go to 6000 yuan from 300 yuan
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Graduate 6 years, without tall record of formal schooling, also do not have beautiful cheek, do not have the body of arrogant person more; Ying Ling does not have capital one sentence that to also do not have this authority namely. Say miserable ashamed, oneself did not read even high school 3 years good must come out to work, compare with photograph of undergraduate of present big shop sign, undergraduate students, graduate student, doctor, it is feel too ashamed to show one's face.
Rural school gate is walked out of when still remembering becoming just I 22 years old, be full of hope and confidence to future, I self-confident am very lucky, walk out of a school gate to discharge in Guangzhou a unit of dry measure for grain the following day " love Sha is Chinese and English nursery school " hold the post of middle shift bishop. The mood at that time is ineffable, feel too lucky, how does the favour such as this let me be met, regrettablly oneself too at innocent, it is to say one does so, decanal interview when say the bag eats 500 yuan / month, think oneself do not have diploma record of formal schooling, feel so 500 yuan / the month is very good. Have to get up from 5:30 every morning the side cleans sanitation, went out to help kitchen aunt buy food together partly at 6 o'clock, began to receive a child to be admitted to hospital at 7 o'clock, had breakfast to the child partly at 7 o'clock, began to attend class at 8 o'clock, do not have a class to have to help an aunt do lunch to give a little boy together, punctual at 12 o'clock lunch to the child, schedule lunch hour next, the child took midday place at 3 o'clock afternoon, began to the parent will receive a child to go back partly at 4 o'clock, going back to the last child already was in the evening sometimes at 7 o'clock. Send a child to be returned so that clean sanitation, cook to the dean next eat, wait for me busy the late night already was when be over much at 11 o'clock, such hardship a month comes down, when a day that when give food, other staff 1000 much, the pay that I get is only 300 yuan / month, burst into tears do not say to give a word, do not have Guangzhou because of me so this city registered permanent residence, thinking virgin soil of people on one's own side is not ripe, also nobody helps him, was borne. Endured 3 months so much, I hearten eventually abdication, the dean is not put (because I am to do a best) still say I am hard if resigning, salary also does not give, the effort that considers oneself does not have redound, the heart below firm is taking simple traveller to take car of suffer from excessive internal heat the following day, the company of a SONY that went to Shenzhen to make the same score a lake (the company of directly under the jurisdiction of of Dong Ming group) the director that applies for hardware ministry, actually I do not understand to hardware entirely, the bag takes salary 1800 yuan / month, add other 2500 yuan / lunar left and right sides, (actually I do not know how to return a responsibility in those days) did a year, do not understand from what, make choice of a computer the person of adroitness of respect of ripe, hardware, just 2 years of time are not much not little also, I carried abdication again, I feel I should learn more things. Come then day of Dongguan pool a tall building and general merchandise purchase a ministry to be made from the beginning, wage package eats 700 yuan / lunar buyer, (say comical, I fax even how do not understand) fortunately I followed a good boss. His a party to an undertaking teachs me, the person in charge raises from buyer inside half an year, (700 yuan / the month rises 2500 yuan / month) want oneself to be paid hard only, can pay off, I am a high school does not have what the country that reads comes out to work only younger sister, besides pay than others more effort do good work, I am done not have other more outstanding condition, hardheaded it is to be an upright person. The company after a year drives new company, my boss attune goes to new company, he promoted me to become the chief that purchases a ministry, purchase a director to arrive purchase a manager, 2500 yuan / the month goes to 4500 yuan / month, arrive namely later again now 6000 yuan / month.
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