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Li Anhua- - resume
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Full name: Li Anhua sexual distinction: Male
Nation: Age of the Han nationality: On July 10, 1983
Height: 170 marital status: Maiden
Census register: Jiangxi appropriate spring show seat: Zhejiang Hangzhou


Intent of to apply for a job
Type of to apply for a job: Time of full-time take office: Inside a week
Hope position: Computer industry (IT) kind
Electronic communication / electric (implement) kind - test engineer
Position name: Hardware of computer of test technician; safeguards;
Hope area: Pay of Guangdong Shenzhen; asks: 3000 yuan / month but the face discusses; to need to provide housing


Working experience
City of Hangzhou of ▌ Zhejiang province collects astral computer to groom center Feburary 2005 - May 2006
Company property: Category of private enterprise industry: Computer industry (equipment of hardware, network)
Hold the position of position: Computer industry (IT) kind - hardware engineer
Working description: Pluralistic property: 1, explain to the student's course and the assembly of computer process. 2, undertake maintaining to every computer on the dot regularly, safeguard.
Leave one's post reason: Because too busy

3 water chestnut of ▌ count a source mobile equipment limited company in September 2005 - September 2008
Company property: Category of industry of foreign capital industry: Communication, telegraphic course of study
Hold the position of position: Electronic communication / electric (implement) kind - test engineer
Working description: 2005/9/5 enters test of 3 water chestnut to safeguard a ministry to hold the post of technician one duty up to now, main job is pair of test equipment establish with maintain, safeguard. Safeguard manufacturing product to have: UTSTARCOM, contest dragon, reach east, actor is thought of, all directions, country arteries and veins, the series product such as Long Qi. Incumbency: Main job duty is: 1, test a line establish with debug. 2, the unusual analysis in producing a course and processing, those who assure production is normal move. 3, of equipment instrument and hardware maintain, (be like, printer, computer equipment) , what can assure product line is normal apply. 4, the maintenance of computer hardware
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How does city of Hangzhou of ▌ Zhejiang province get content to flow in Feburary 2004 - in January 2005
Company property: Category of state-owned company industry: Other
Hold the position of position: Other kind - other is relevant position
Working description: Be in charge of those who taste goods entering, delivery of cargo from storage. .
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