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Tsinghua teachs a proposal: The dot is asked for to should raise net of talent o
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Heat attention: Ask for since a duty is moved to highlight " lever effect on the dot "

Total bureau of national tax Wu was released 22 days first half of the year taxation data, among them individual income tax finishs 213.5 billion yuan, grow 27.3% compared to the same period, than first half of the year Gross National Product (GDP) of 10.4% add fast one times faster much.

Notable is, this year on March 1 the place is collected since duty from every months 1600 yuan of attune reach 2000 yuan, a tax income leaves in this kind of circumstance still violent wind rises, "A duty is moved to rise on collect a place " cry also from this recrudesce.

"Violent wind rises a specification to be moved last cannot get "

"The element that tax income does not fall to rise instead has a lot of. " accepting when interviewing, department of finance of college of finance of finance of Chinese people university teachs An Tifu explanation to say, revenue department is strengthened superintending is a Shui Biao rise a main reason, proper motion of 120 thousand yuan of above declares year of income to also make the pay taxes consciousness of common people apparent rise. Additional, of statistical caliber differ to also make taxation is added fast fast from beginning to end at GDP. "First half of the year tax income rose so much, explain 400 yuan when move last still do not reach the designated position, the strength of policy is insufficient still. " Wei Jie of professor of college of government of Tsinghua university economy expresses.

Wei Jie thinks, duty growth is added quickly at GDP and dweller income fast it is unreasonable, "Taxation should be to adjust the method of difference of the rich and the poor, let capture of a lot of poors however now duty. "

In fact, after the dot is being asked for to increase since tax income does not fall to rise instead, not be first time happening. 2006 the dot is asked for to spend tone to go to 1600 yuan by 800 dynast since duty, in those days duty grew 17.1% . The rapid growth that tax total bureau is reason end dweller income at that time mixes the country of the tax authority add impress to be in charge of.

  "The finance after increasing won't be little how many "

Right the dot is asked for to should adjust how many ability after all since duty appropriate this one problem, wei Jie's viewpoint is very bright: "I think to should move 5000 yuan. " he thinks, only such ability can make dweller income grows substantially, "Bit of attune is asked for to go to 5000 yuan since duty, national finance income is not met little how many. " " 2000 yuan case collect a place really too low. " An Tifu also expresses, prices rises to already made this year last duty is adjusted case ask for a dot to appear lag, "Specific increased scope still can be calculated again. "
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