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Air force enrols flying job end 8 years to admit flight student recruit students
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As delay the examinee that check an area to be admitted by choose in Chengdu finally, air force enrolled flying job 23 days to end formally 2008, student of more than 150 graduate of more than 1000 high school of countrywide, average college becomes student of air force flight.

Air force recruited the 9th batch this in all student of 33 female flights. The flight job that after they graduate, assumes will drive by conveyor, navigate in extending battleplan, sky, cheer machine drive etc fight safeguard domain. Concerned branch will foster Chinese female spacefarer from the choose in them.

Student of the 9th batch of female flights also will become our country first double bachelor airwoman. They are adopted " 4 + 1 " groom mode, after undertaking through aviation university the education such as the military affairs of half, professional theory trains 3 years namely, turn into 6 months plane flight teachs training first, obtain record of formal schooling of university undergraduate course eligibly, award labour to learn baccalaureate; Pass 1 next year teach plane flight high training, Recruit students of Shenzhen air forceAchieve groom of the target award strategics bachelor's degree.

Before this, air force student of the 8th batch of 22 female flights already in June the middle ten days of a month turns into air force academy of flight of some fighter plane, begin battleplan to teach plane flight high training. If everything is successful, our country will appear 2009 the form of first female battleplan air man.

Air force enrolled flying job to recruit choose limits 2008, involve graduate of high school of more than 10 thousand average middle school of countrywide, undergraduate course of more than 500 average college is in school 2 grade student and graduate of this year's undergraduate course, this year's graduates of undergraduate course of 48 military academies. Attend the high school of check lays nearly 80 thousand person first, the undergraduate exceeds 5000.

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