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Anhui makes a nurse examine a system net of a mountainous area talent is unquali
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Hold nurse of course of study needs to attend fixed assessment, successive assessment is unqualified person qualification of nurse be cancellinged. Anhui makes a nurse examine a system regularly, nurse profession will leave " get sth done once and for ever " .

Reporter from medical service of office of sanitation of the Anhui province politics place learned a few days ago, " nurse of the Anhui province examines administrative way regularly " had come on stage, carrying out detailed rules in formulate at present, hopeful applies formally since next year. The basis runs way, nurse of the course in saving various and of all kinds medical treatment to defend life form completely hold course of study is registered, South Shenzhen net of a mountainous area talentObtain hold industry letter (the recruiting nurse that includes military medical establishment) person, want to attend fixed assessment, assessment project cent becomes assess of morality of performance assessment, profession and professional skill evaluation for the job. Assess eligible Fang Nengshen to ask continuance to register.

In be versed in morality of consummate accomplishment, profession, professional skill is assessed any unqualified and produce undesirable registrar to be namely unqualified. In the meantime, attend countrywide nurse hold success of job seniority exam is unqualified person; The nurse assesses cycle regularly inside year ill, leave of absence exceeds 3 month (false except of legal holiday, general holidays) ; Without the nurse hold do sth without authorization of approval of wholesome perhaps service undertakes orgnaization of course of study different ground hold of industry activity; Have complete or main responsibility in the unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment that happen; Issue false medicine to prove a file, participate in the case such as conduct propaganda of advertisement of false medical treatment and sales promotion of medical apparatus and instruments of medicines and chemical reagents to appear to also will regard assessment as unqualified. The nurse is assessed regularly unqualified person will be suspended hold 3 month reachs industry activity assessment of travel of the reentry after 6 month, eligible allows his to continue hold course of study, assess again unqualified person, cancel by wholesome service register, call in " nurse hold industry letter " .

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