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Volunteer: China is new the window that rise civilian force caresses world of ci
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The Zhou Zijie of Olympic Games volunteer that serves in center of Beijing international news, should receive everyday hear hundreds of telephone calls, answer about a hundred question, although the job is scattered, trifling, a little as dry as a chip even, but he still is maintaining enthusiasm of have one's bosom filled with.

Coming from many 5000 Olympic Games blame of world each district to register a reporter is the target that Zhou Zijie serves. Of this diplomacy institute big 3 students are made except the servive routine signing up that participates in a reporter and certificate outside, still assist a staff member to answer the question of the respect such as visa of the reporter outside the condition, often tell them even " ' bird's nest ' how to go " .

"As a result of phonetic obstacle, the reporter outside the condition has misunderstanding sometimes to our job, we can explain patiently. " receiving the clearance that hears a telephone call, he tells a reporter, "As the volunteer, of my representing is the figure of Chinese undergraduate group, receive each country athlete with open mind, it is my responsibility. "

Zhou Zijie is Beijing Olympic Games and incomplete abstruse meeting in main forces of volunteer of 100 thousand sports meet common, the age is the oldest among them for 87 years old. think, although the athlete just is the leading role of the Olympic Games, but the match should undertake getting successful, wonderful, cannot leave the dedication of volunteers and service.

Volunteer of partial Olympic Games ever attended Sichuan earthquake to come to help

According to BOCOG volunteer ministry statistic, the number signing up of volunteer of abstruse meeting sports meet surpassed Beijing Olympic Games and damage 1.12 million, those who achieve all previous Olympic Games most. And 18 years ago, on the 11st Asia Game that holds in Beijing, "Volunteer " the concept that charity of sex of religion of country of 19 century west serves this the earliest traceable, still be a new word to compatriots.

Since serving as reforming and opening new rise civilian force, this year May Sichuan short of Wenshui River plain after earth shake, volunteer collective enters historical arena, in aseismatic major effect was produced in providing disaster relief. The person that there is farmer, student, manager, lawyer, doctor, teacher, free profession in them is waited a moment, they participate in goods and materials to carry in the disaster area with ceaseless aftershock, the job of the square field surface such as wholesome epidemic prevention, psychotherapy, become the strong complement of official job providing disaster relief.

According to association of Chinese youth volunteer preliminary count, what heretofore already had at least 4.91 million volunteers to participate in Sichuan is aseismatic provide disaster relief, this one word is 5 times of gross of volunteer of Beijing Olympic Games almost. Have in them quite one part person is providing volunteer service for Beijing Olympic Games.
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