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Try a guest to write a hand to become new occupation expert to think to be suspe
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The expert thinks to experience type flexible language is suspected of unfair competition

If had not heard of " try a guest " , so you are already moss-grown. Have for certain beside you such a flock of people, what use on their face is " free " famous brand cosmetic; Now and then draw out " free " new fund camera often admires Jing 4, these products are former outfit really, however, it is free. "Try a guest " the concept results from the earliest Euramerican country, after trying guests to use the product that manufacturer offers freely, the product is written down to evaluate in the network. In recent years, a few websites that experience a service technically for try out also rise in rise suddenly of domestic bitter fleabane. Rise besides education giant " try guest a group of things with common features " besides, one batch secures those who be hired by certain businessman, with " try a guest " be local name write a hand to also be derived gradually become a burgeoning profession.

The profession tries a guest to keep a hand besides can " bilk take in vain " besides, because replace a businessman,said a good word likely still every months, again from the businessman there take the pay that does not poor.

But the expert thinks, businessman employ tries a guest to write a hand to attribute unfair competition action, had offended relevant law laws and regulations, this is the fictitious sex as a result of network itself, give a few illegal businessmen an opportunity that can be exploited to sbs advantage that create.

Try a guest to write the successful experience of the hand

Having rich " writing experience " IT kind try a guest to write hand forest to say rather, his job is the identity with user or consumer, it is a few home's famous number technically the manuscript that video company and compose of public relations company contain allusive sex, put on the media such as the network to affect customer. The contribution fee that the manufacturer gives him is 1000 words commonly 200 yuan, will pay with money order bill or the means that collect bank Zhang bugle call directly. Lin Ning says, once decide to receive work, he can conceive 3 days two or so, reoccupy a long time time is finished.

Lin Ning is done for the first time trying a guest to keep a hand is to give a digital camera that just comes out to write try out to experience. He says, he with one " dish bird " the capacity will write him try out the feeling of this camera, never be can use very much, mature to little ground, take the picture with outstanding flowery colour. Lin Ning thinks to be written very meticulously oneself, dilettante meeting thinks Lin Ning is a novice tries a guest really, but, compare professional photography lover as, his true record of formal schooling setting is " make software
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