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29 teachers weigh Dongguan dismiss by collective seek duty to ban big market of
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On July 21, dongguan Chang'an east the partial teacher that installs elementary school to be dismissed says to our newspaper report, they by this school after abrupt collective is repulsive, begin an edge to seek economy to compensate for an edge to seek a profession additionally in other school run by the local people, but encounter this town culture and education does however " ban " .

To this Chang'an town culture and education does express to never issue this kind of requirement.

Bureau of Dongguan city education expresses, every did not shift to an earlier date 30 days of written announcement, school still just need to pay by demit teacher the salary compensation of a month, a since the day with complaining computation that does not have written announcement, additional investigate follow-up and make processing again after knowing specific truth.

Incident is answered put

Chang'an 29 teachers dash forward dismiss

On July 4, chang'an east many teacher that installs elementary school says to our newspaper report, entire school 29 teachers by school square abrupt dismiss, school square security personnel is mixed during group of local public security ever also got involved, ask forcibly its that evening 6 when before must leave the school, because do not have fault, the teacher expresses generally to school square this action to be accepted hard, "And in compensation the respect is endless also and reasonable. "

Mr. Zhou that comes from Hunan says, how long to although the group states they want to be in the school to live outside Ceng Xiang of this school President Zhao,live how long, but have a holiday in the school during, school just stick suddenly however with a paper strip for sealing sealed all by the dormitory of demit teacher, "Many our articles for daily use still are at that time inside the dormitory. "

After the teacher gets angry about chief to the school in the phone, school security personnel just opens a door to let a teacher take out a thing, "We resemble ' drive a duck ' was driven out of campus euqally. "

Wei Quanbo is folded

Compensation has no later development to apply for a job to receive block again

Seek economic compensation to have no a result up to now

Be expressed by Mr. Li of demit likewise, with respect to mathematics school repulsive teacher also should press labor law to offer corresponding economy compensation, but school just reach salary settle accounts only this month 31 days, have no a movement tardy to compensating be related.

They ever appealed to service station of market opening work, this station begins to compare passion at that time, the hope negotiates in an attempt to to add up to understanding jointly when thing both sides definitely, "Will work in Chang'an even henceforth after all, not was necessary to do the business big. " but when after this goes again, the other side is behaved coollier.
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