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Shenzhen Baoan: Do poineering work 3 are aided push a plan to start Shenzhen inq
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On July 22, 2008 "Rainbow · does poineering work 3 are aided postpone a plan " poineering project of dweller of first census register recommends the ceremony that start and Baoan area can hold formally tomorrow. Meeting admiral rolls out 50 poineering projects " the quantity is ordered personally do " , and unemployed personnel does poineering work will can enjoy an our city a series of favourable policy. This the activity works by city and council of city of Shenzhen of government of people of division of social security bureau, Baoan, the Youth League is held jointly. This second recommend can main content to have: Poineering project is recommended, reveal with communication; Poineering service policy and introduction of policy of Wu of relevant and industrial and commercial duty and seek advice; Poineering achievement is exhibited; Achievement of poineering success personage is revealed etc. Set 50 poineering projects in all, house of the convenience store that includes to join in to drafting among them, biscuit, meal, dress, each industry such as civilian inn undertakes introductory demonstrative, the place of the person that to census register dweller understanding does poineering work such as constituent industry expert, counsel must go qualitative, concessionary the sort that join in and join in do poineering work the legal laws and regulations that requires an attention. Recommend this basically can face Baoan area farming turns house and personnel of census register unemployment, round-the-clock and free open to the citizen. Not only such, the our city still is made in succession came on stage a series of policy measure, support and guide unemployed personnel to do poineering work independently. Unemployed personnel does poineering work independently, can enjoy small assure loan policy and policy of tax cost derate. The enterprise that place of own poineering staff establishs, if induct,sign what reach above labor contract 1 year with its, outside dividing the taxation derate that enjoys a regulation, the obtain employment that recruits strands difficult personnel, by everybody pay of every months of business makes social insurance part 80% and highest forehead does not exceed 300 yuan level, offer enterprise society insurance subsidy; By everybody every months of 200 yuan standard gives company move to use promotive gold; Right by the obtain employment difficulty of mount guard of company invite applications for a job personnel, by everybody every months of 800 yuan standard offers post subsidy. Orgnaization of service of obtain employment of this city labor issues hold " again obtain employment accommodation paper " , the unemployed personnel that belongs to personnel of obtain employment difficulty is engaged in flexible obtain employment, include to be engaged in individual management employer and its employ personnel, can enjoy subsidy of insurance premium of society of flexible obtain employment, the standard of allowance is everybody every months 300 yuan.
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