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Duty field new personality: Does Zou Ling value stop joyous to suffer from?
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Duty field psychology

Most this year's university is graduate, work to new unit full already a month. Easygoing campus life style is hit to spell place to replace by nervous duty field, make these are in " break lacteal period " duty field new personality is facing tremendous transition pressure. The reporter discovered in interview recently, psychology bears power difference, do not know human association, formal culture to be short of break the common fault that waits for a problem to already became many firm job undergraduates. And a statistic that comes from psychological referral center also shows, in the crowd that just sets foot on working station, the scale of symptom of occurrence society malajustment is as high as 90% .   

Endure batch howling

Manager of department of resource of labor power of some transmission company is like a gentleman to tell a reporter, to a few undergraduates of new this year invite applications for a job the unit is very dissatisfactory, a few undergraduates are to go up century the girl that 80 time are born, gather at ordinary times like " chirp " , also can please very much to the leader, but do not have time concept however to the job that assign, often dilatory. The result has twice by manager rebuke, a few girls drop tear greatly with respect to grievance ground on the spot, how to persuade to also be not hit.

The manager assigns the job to them again now, can say so only: "Xiaoli, you are a bit better, the job must be finished before coming off work at 5 o'clock today, can come off work earlier. " " Xiaoxu, you do not want to talk with Xiaoli again, let her be done quickly. " it is simply " cheat repeatedly belt fool " .

Be like a manager to think, present a few new undergraduates although course school work is good, but as a result of by the family beyond the mark charming is bestowed favor on, often psychology bears ability is very poor, the responsibility heart that handles the work is not strong also. The main station of their company, later the person that willing invite applications for a job has working experience 339 years old, they are more conscientious, eat to have pain.

Pick up the telephone to say aloud " hello, who ah "

The reporter is being handed in big around be groomed the center sees, a flock of undergraduates that take an unit newly are being accepted special formal groom, how does study sit correctly, stand, walk, if where,dinner service is used on Western-style banquet, how to pick up the telephone etc. Mr. Zhang that is in charge of grooming tells a reporter, this is the first lesson that some foreign enterprise gives duty field new personality to go up, the reason is a lot of undergraduates just entered unit the ways one gets along with others very not courteous, lack basic formal knowledge.
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