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Contest and working neither should be watched during office worker Olympic Games
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Opening shortly of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, a lot of person preparation watch Olympic Games game through the means such as network, TV. As a result of match time long, project is much, expert proposal, should strike a proper balance between work and rest, make good plan, handle good job and the relation that see a match correctly, because watch game for long,cannot cause healthy problem.

"In us the state looks an Olympic Games, this can be 1000 carry

Wonderful game is very much, having time of a lot of games is jackknife, for this pair of office worker, it is the tremendous barrier that watchs an Olympic Games undoubtedly. To can see an Olympic Games already, do not cause too big effect to the job again, a few office worker chose off during the Olympic Games. "The Olympic Games does not look too regrettablly, I am flat adjusted the plan that goes out to travel originally, designed year off and economic come down, rest during the Olympic Games New year holidays, the game that can see oneself like so. " the Li Jun that in Ningxia an estate company goes to work says.

Besides reasonable arrangement time watchs an Olympic Games, during noticing an Olympic Games even healthy. The expert of hospital of health care of Yinchuan city women and children tells a reporter, watch TV for long, many people because the pose is undeserved, neck ministry has been been in for a long time extend or bend condition too, cause cervical parenchyma strain, cause cervical vertebra extremely easily to fade travel sex pathological change, oppress or stimulate cervical blood-vessel or nerve, bring about provisionality head to offer hematic inadequacy, appear the faintness that look matter, giddy, have a headache, cervical and inflexible wait for a symptom. Additional, when watching the football, track and field game that causes mood tension easily, the heart bears pressure is very great, the crowd of intentional dirty disease is sure to notice safety

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