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How to answer the jealousy of boss
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In duty field, with the relation between boss, colleague it is crucial. The relation is handled more harmoniously, plain sailing, the career has. Conversely criterion roundabout way is great. The loss is great, and even the lesson is pained and great, great. Face the jealousy of boss, in on-the-job field we, how should be answered and to how should be answered and prevent?

Although the ability that use up Tibet is very painful, but you should be clear about, boss promotes you to may want to expend bit of force, but " eliminate " the fatigue that you are raise one's hand however, accordingly, we should be known protect oneself first, convergent dash, it is mature to need an opportunity again make a showy display of one's abilities, amaze the people with a single brilliant feat, reduce midway " die young " dangerous.

Character affects the jealousy to boss, do not want give tit for tat, and should calmly, sufficient him put to good use character charm. Popular feeling is the flesh is long, boss can experience your bearing goodness from which, integrity is reliable, meeting consciousness abandons envious before psychology, bilateral relationship is harmonious, work efficiency is much better.

Obedient leader Shi Caiao content, lean on ability to go up gently, make carding comments to boss, refuse to obey the common fault that certainly is certain talent, be aimed at such person, boss nature is about to divide after that fast, because this dissolves dispute, obedient leader, esteem boss, make from bagatelle everywhere, after a considerable period of time, boss feels you do not have ambition, bilateral contradiction is dissolved naturally.

Share an interest to may cause the jealousy of boss, it is some kind of interest that because of what regard him as at hand you acquired him to cannot get and advantage, get desolate, face is not hanged. Need you to be willing to part with or use shares the courage of contribution at this moment, give boss compensation of some kind of psychology, let him get a balance, like listens at most nothing is more... than " fall in the guidance of × × , I gained a success... ... " it is this truth.

Openly engage in a battle faces the boss that have bad conduct, when policy of mollification cannot eliminate its jealousy, use the front to strike back only means, can place fact, preach with boss without preamble manage, by dispute, also but bypass the immediate leadership appears in the newspaper, state case, seek ranking support and help.

Escape dispute, when because origin relation will illegally or forcibly occupy your head to go up forever,liking the one's direct superior that to you small shoe wears, your best method escapes namely the ground of dispute, seek obtain employment the 2nd spring, adopt the measure that boil, as good as expends youth and precious obtain employment opportunity at billow
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