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Duty field is allegorical: ê protruding returns a grave comfortable
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A farmhouse raised a dog and a cat. The dog is diligent, everyday, in preside home when nobody, the dog stands have two ear, eye covetously ground is perambulatory those who be in master home all round, even if have the activity of little, the dog also wants bark furiously to wear disease goes straight towards the past, ground of cautious and conscientious is being done for host special the job that protects a courtyard.

When preside home somebody, its spirit in a way was loosened, return can prostrate sleep deeply sometimes. Then, master home in the eye of each person, this dog is lazy, extremely not competent, often do not feed full it, more do not carry award its delicious thing.

The cat is lazy, in every husband when nobody, prostrate sleep greatly, even if the mice of in threes and fours is in master home indulge in wilful persecution, this cat also does not grant pay attention to. It has slept, take a walk everywhere, spirit of mobile activity body. When the somebody in waiting for master home, its spirit also was cured, look at here look at there look, from time to time, it is licked to host even lick foot, funny droll. In master eye, this is undoubtedly extremely the cat that diligent pole fulfils this duty, delicious nature gave it.

As a result of the cat lazy, the mouse of master home is increasing. Eventually one day, the family belongs with will master the costliest home bites mouse bad, master bate. He calls together family to say: "You look, the cat of our home such diligent, mouse is savage still to pace of this cultivate land, I think a main reason is that only lazy dog, it sleeps to also do not help a cat catch a few mouse all the day. I am earnest announce, drive a door out of the dog, raise a cat again, everybody opinion how? Everybody opinion how??

Family assentations in succession say: "This dog is quite lazy, know to sleep only everyday; You see a cat, everyday much diligent, catch mouse to eat much fatlier, some go to be not moved. It is this general dog is driven away, raise a cat again. Raise a cat again..

Then, the dog was driven out of a door. It one pace 3 turn round, also get the account that does not understand oneself are driven away first and last.

And drove away a dog, although host raised again " laborious " cat, but the mouse in the home is increasing however...

Cao Cao comments on: In the story " lazy cat drive is diligent dog " phenomenon -- the official name in economics is " money of fine of bad money drive " -- already became a kind of normal state almost in our enterprise and society! The reason depends on, no matter be our industry leader, still be governmental official, prefer mostly honey-tongued, cater to courtier, like to be before oneself " positive performance " " cat " kind subordinate! And circumstance of real to theirs work and outstanding achievement how, or lacks the data of this respect, they do not have or at all the consciousness of this respect!
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