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Xiang Guoxue learns to manage
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Sitting of the attend a lecture after desk will be layer of Asia-Pacific business management " wrist " the character of class, on dais is the professor of Beijing University heavyweight, everything looks accord with constant manage. However, auditive Lijieke. The frequency that Welch appears is not touched clearly on father, Confucius. Need not strange whether to visit wrong classroom, this is the course that management of terrain of economics learns really, just it has a vogue word -- " from the history guard manages " . It sounds it seems that some are unfamiliar, because be in China and even world, this door general history and the course that management receives relatively are to appear first.

Although Chinese management grooms course thousands of, in the search on Google, 0.26 seconds can get 868000 " handler grooms " inquiry result, 0.38 seconds can search goes to 3070000 " management grooms " pertinent information; But Beijing University " from the history guard manages " course is to leave however " the history, management learns " the beginning that the system studies. And offerring this course also is to be aimed at really show level of each enterprise choose in seasonly.

Chinese enterprise needs historical culture

Small company works, secondary industry is an upright person, large company does culture, it is a trend that shows stage business development. An enterprise by small arrive big, in management the respect also begins gradually " by fact and empty " . Zhang Wei of Chinese distinguished economist is greeted in " from the history guard manages " say on the press conference of high-end course begin school, the competition ability that Chinese enterprise wants to raise his needs standardization, system to change, this lets company culture make core competition ability with respect to need.

Controller of high level of Beijing University brilliance grooms with development Lv Feng of central vice director thinks, "Actually, an outstanding entrepreneur should be knowledge, experience those who add courage and insight is fit. If contemporary company is medium adviser staff, law personnel, financial personnel already was deployed all ready, so the historical massiness feeling when education ponders over a problem, humanitarian accomplishment that increases an enterprise to develop place for a long time to need continuously, become an entrepreneur the most pressing the business that should do. " only then at last centuries the China of 80 time changes in, china's earliest entrepreneur people the first pail of gold that relied on oneself courage and insight and experience to accumulate his. As pressing with each passing day globalization process, they produced enterprise dimensions to change, the pressing requirement of modern, internationalization, the knowledge with urgent need more extensive derive. Songxiaxingzhi is aided, Li Jiacheng, Jackie. The entrepreneur of a batch of world-class such as Welch, in this specific level makes the administrative model of Chinese business circles; The ideologist of a batch of world-class such as the base of a fruit of Tuofule, Deluke, Ni Geluo Pang, extended the thinking pattern of Chinese business circles in this period of time likewise.
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