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You are duty field " grievance gens "
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Small soft the unit that found him to like very much eventually. One day unit closestool occurrence problem, little soft be executed for championing a just cause nots allow of demit go be being helped repair. To him the evaluation is held out groups big pretty good, small soft very glad. But closestool often gives an issue, just began small soft still very the side of diligent is worn go repairing, but arrive a bit impatient also finally, was not repaired. This falls but good, everybody is crying " small soft, closestool is bad, you are repaired at once ah " " small soft, the closestool that how does became bad you also are not repaired " as one falls ah! ~ is small soft be already anguish is subdued again.

This kind of quite depressed person in on-the-job field is very much still. They are normally " grievance gens " , can be, waited for you to know the fact of these things, you can discover, oneself seek these people, cannot blame others. So, after all what kind of does the person that let make duty field easily small black? Strong socialization
This type oneself is willing to help others actively. It is difficult that their viewpoint of value has when others namely, oneself must extend handle. Very personal loyalty! If summing strong feeling, namely in those days " brigands " . But they are unidentified however white: Help others is being built finishing him own job over.
The company helps you to there won't are you in your assessment this. As person of a profession you are in however everyday getting busy about helping others, this is dangerous. Above all, will naturally affect the work of your one's job; Again you grabbed the family's territory under one's control. Be often who is in the organization help others? It is your boss! What boss loves to do most is to help his employee, but was grabbed by you however, miss sequential meeting how.

Kiss by force and
The person of this type, they are not willing to help certainly others, but what they care about is the atmosphere all round. When somebody raises need, they often just can be done to do not break this atmosphere, won't refuse namely.
On 1> , understanding. These people often are " young son's wife " state of mind, resign oneself to adversity. They do not feel is others beyond the mark, however oneself are incorrect. Be in so when encountering a thing, want to have a judgement above all, others carries an assuming to ask be him is incorrect, but if you still are received, be yourself then is incorrect. Must overcome ego to attribution what bring inside bad news.
2> , be technical level, he won't, do not know how to refuse. Because go up as a result of consciousness,bringing about him is so won't, not dare, he never rejects to had succeeded; So you must overcome this kind of obstacle.
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