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Be far from the office] " 4 old poisonous people "
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The first kind of poisonous person: Auspicious forest elder brother's wife

Caution sex feature:

Their dress is tonal and heavy onefold, with black grey La Wei advocate; They appear an old head on young shoulders, full the vicissitudes of life that tastes the world, brows always is being twisted; In their eye, all pay of the company are inequitable, all leaders of the company should be killed, all colleagues in the job are foolish incapacity. Every time the recent situation that other people asks about her, the answer with chronic metropolis: "Not quite good. Be such, you listen to me to say. " they distain to be considered to joy, use acrid and acerbity term to criticize other from not stint miserly however. Complaint bellyful, be in a towering rag, be " auspicious forest elder brother's wife people " the most striking feature.

Typical countenance:

Sit there is a local exuviate on leg of a on the side of me female colleague skin, I but dare not ask how she returns a responsibility, I know to want a mouth to ask only, she can speak of individual medical treatment be sure from traffic situation definitely, do not have half hours to not be over. Want her to appear in the office only actually, the psychology that I cannot escape to be as long as then several hours is tormented, she can be in one day really " the Tang Dynasty monk " like of the unit that organize a group is not, the stage arrived once upon a time manager, arrive again sweep healthful aunt to scold enough, have to him destiny besides next how miserable, the nest puts brightness hard in this little place. It is some of thing that has nothing to do with oneself obviously, can be under her continual bomb, I must think method to cast off her to have the negative sentiment that infects force extremely then. After remembering new employee plenary meeting ending, a few undergraduates that just came be eager for doing sth burns with righteous indignation, she is not cold however came to not hotly: "Be in place of this kind of ghost, do not want to have the opportunity of development. " the influence is too bad really!

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Thorny countermeasure:

Most the person with such towering complaint, in one's heart has " the heart is higher than the day, the order is smaller than paper " gene, even if satisfied her all requirements, she also can nag unceasingly. So, you had better not show an enthusiasm to her topic, listen attentively to -- pay attention to, just listen attentively to, do not want even the head the place, the least bit self-identity lets her nag possibly become perpetual; If you are mixed she too " hit it off perfectly " , virtually enlarged negative sentiment, became the peddler of virus. You can try to give her blow, interrogatory she: "Since you are right the current situation is so malcontent, why not flat change an environment, be off to distant parts? " of course, if she was to encounter difficulty really, you must provide the help of in one's power in time.
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