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Fall effectively 4 dimension of firewood are spent
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China for, TCL, general motors, medium the letter is big east, electric power of Tecent, China falls since hold a memorial ceremony for in succession of firewood " musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass " , the result is a few jubilate however a few anxious. Fall firewood is a Shuang Renjian. Use well, break through brambles and thorns-hack one's way through difficulties; Use badly, internecine. How to make the sword sees depth of company work force.

China be a group fall firewood begins from tall canal, resemble a rally to pledge resolution before going to war of an impetus huge. 2002 the profit shrink of this group 4/5. The Spring Festival just passed 2003, many 400 senior administrator is in fall the autograph on salary proposal, finally, administrator of above of 362 chief inspector falls firewood 10% . This pair is made up for China the financial loss that is a group does not have substantial action, can invigorate faculty make concerted efforts to overcome difficulty however.

Of TCL group fall firewood also does it from tall canal. Different is, the tall canal of TCL falls firewood is a general arouses meeting. Advocate deficit of business Wu occurrence a huge sum, internationalization road again and again suffocate suffocate, TCL faces major crisis. On August 5, 2006, TCL group announces to already established firewood fulfil to assess commission, fulfil of firewood of tall to the company canal is superintended in the round, basic firewood fulfil is reduced in the round, heighten promotive firewood reward. Li Dongsheng's hope is, fall through this firewood, can arouse at hand general afresh people heart of strive for victory, increase fighting capacity.

Compare with circumstance photograph of China, tall valve of company of American general motors falls the purpose of firewood is realer. For managing cost, will good steel is used on edge, general motors decision shares out bonus share of tall canal year a value fall to every 1 dollar, reduce high-level yearly salary considerably. Such, general motors can save the defray of more than 500 million dollar every year.

Believe in big east (China) fall firewood object is tall canal not merely, still include average employee. Because the parent company encounters predicament, must pull out temporarily from global battlefront, believe in big east salary of company leader layer is reduced 50% , middle-level handler employee endowment reduce 40% , general staff wages is reduced 30% . Nevertheless, fall firewood was not received expect the result, the company is returned finally is 80-90% cutting down the member of persons employed.
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